Getting Started with Firebase Remote Config on iOS – Firecasts

Getting Started with Firebase Remote Config on iOS – Firecasts

22 thoughts on “Getting Started with Firebase Remote Config on iOS – Firecasts

  1. Thumbs up if you noticed the line where I'm missing a semicolon and it's driving you bonkers because I never fix it.

  2. Will the video about iOS developing come in Swift?

  3. Great video Todd! I have previously been using Google Tag Manager to store my constants, but I've started migrating to Remote Config as this seems to be the future solution. There is one caveat though. In Google Tag Manager I was storing all of my values in a Value Collection. This allowed me to create a program that converted all my Swift-constants (values and arrays) into JSON-values that I later read and converted into the desired format. I haven't been able to find a similar functionality anywhere, and I've found it necessary for converting a lot of Swift-constants to Remote Config constants.

    My question is: Does Firebase Remote Config support Value Collections?

    Btw, does Firebase Remote Config support arrays?


  4. I'm looking for "Remote Config on ANDROID – Firecasts" … 🙂

  5. Nice video tutorial. Thank you.

  6. useful tutorial
    i am trying to do as y did but I stuck at 1.16 , i did add
    pod 'Firebase/RemoteConfig' but cannot return back for pod install
    could y please tell me what command have y used to back for pod install

  7. Is there a remote config on Android – Firecast available? Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. PLEASE! Why is it in Obejective-C?? Swift SWift SWIft SWIFt SWIFT, PLEASE!

  9. Hi, will you be posting a Swift version of this tutorial as well?

  10. What would happen if you put it on the app store still in development?

  11. really good teaching methodology, very easy to understand and replicate all of the content!

  12. Awesome tutorial. Thank you Firebase for such great service.

  13. Is there a Swift version?

  14. Can you make a video with Swift?

  15. Why are we not using swift? Are there still a lot of iOS developers making new Objective-C apps?

  16. why i not need to code my Firebase's ID? how it know what is my google Firebase?

  17. Thanx for Objc-C Example :3 😀

  18. Hey Todd Kerpelman , i don't like your presentation. "Laurence Moroney" is better at presentation.

  19. Why should we keep fetchWithExpirationDuration not zero in production ? if we put fetchWithExpirationDuration 3600 it is taking time to update the data in production. Is it normal it will take cached data ?? If we put fetchWithExpirationDuration to zero in the production will it effect the A/B testing ??

  20. FROM THE CLOUD!!!!

  21. Great Video! Thank you

  22. I followed your instruction, but after running the app the change from the cloud isn't showing in the app. Then I add this method "[self.remoteConfig activateFetched];" before [weakself…] in fetchRemoteConfig. Then it works.

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