Getting Started with Firebase Storage on iOS – Firecasts

Getting Started with Firebase Storage on iOS – Firecasts

18 thoughts on “Getting Started with Firebase Storage on iOS – Firecasts

  1. Too fast with videos, but great in all view. Thanks

  2. This is amazing.Can you guys please make an android version of this please 🙂

  3. AWW, YEAH!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Can someone please explain what week/strong reference does in 5:50 and why it is important?

  5. Awesome tutorial as always 😉
    A tutorial about how to add actions and segues when you receive a specific FCM message to go to a special view would be nice.

  6. Great tutorial! Thanks for the info

  7. great movie can we upload music ?

  8. Thanks a lot Todd, your the best! I really needed this, because someone else taught this without explaining it properly. Thanks once again!

  9. Excellent tutorial. I needed that. Thanks

  10. I wish you did a whole Udemy course! Do you have a video on managing firebase efficiently for a large user base? You know, to reduce the cost of usage? How do you design efficiently your data structures in firebase?

  11. this is a good tutorial but for privacy reasons we can't see our uploaded video on browser so could you please give us an example about how to play video that we have firebase download url

  12. 'FIRStorage' has been changed to 'Storage' now in iOS.

  13. For some reason this is not documented, you need to add this at the start of your file (if you are using Objective-C):

    @import Firebase;
    @import FirebaseStorage;

  14. Nice 🙂

  15. #AskFirebase I am getting Firebase Storage HTTP 402 Error with Exoplayer what is the meaning of this? Am I hitting the quota?

  16. hey Todd, can u do the same video for saving audio?

  17. every time I head about Firebase storage is about user related content, what about app specific content, let say I am building an e-commerce app and I have 1000 images of my articles, I can't bundle them in my app, the user will download them on the go, is Cloud Storage is the way to go for that or should I stored them somewhere else? thanks

  18. Hi, at 8’40 you propose to get url with metadata?downloadURL().  As it does not exist any more, i tried 
    metadata?.storageReference but it’s nil
    and when I try 
    storageRef.downloadURL(completion: { (url, error) in
                        if error == nil {
                            print("no url")
                        } else {
                            print("url is (String(describing: url))")
    I get nothing , no error and no url  
    Can someone help me? thks

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