Giá cực kỳ sốc cho iPad Air 1 & Mini 3 tại ShopDunk – HOT: iPAD MINI 3 & AIR 1 are cheapest ever!

Giá cực kỳ sốc cho iPad Air 1 & Mini 3 tại ShopDunk – HOT: iPAD MINI 3 & AIR 1 are cheapest ever!

Hello! Welcome you back to ShopDunk channel! The new school year is coming back Beside a new phone, a lot of students want to own an iPad to study and entertain better on this bigger screen In this video, I will share with you 2 options: the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 1 and what is the reason that you should select one of them? Let’s find it out! Before talking about their designs, I want to let you know about their really good price With 7.950.000 VNĐ you can have a chance to own a completely new iPad mini 3 with the internal memory at 64GB an 4G wifi. ThIS 100% new iPad Air 1 has the price at 6.950.000 VNĐ with 4G wifi and internal memory at 16GB The configurations are similar to each others with Apple A7 chip and 1GB RAM can serve you well in studying and entertainment or watching movies and playing games With some heavy games you will need to reduce the graphic level a little bit for playing more smoothly However you still can satisfy with the daily needs About the camera, both of them have camera with 1,2 megapixel on the front and 5 megapixel on the back will give your good quality photos compared to other tablet at the same prices On the iPAD mini 3 the battery is at 6530mAp/h and 8820mmAp/h on the iPad Air 1 You can use it in a long day or one day and a half for normal tasks such as studying, watching movies or entertainment but if you like playing game, this iPad can be enough for you in one day and now is my advices for you: which one you should have? Firstly this iPad Air 1 with a big screen you can playing game, watching movies It will bring you a completely different experience compared to other smaller screen tablets For someone who want to own a small and useful tablet this iPad Mini 3 is the perfect choice It will fit your hands especially girls have small hands If you need a tablet to put into your bag or backpack, this will be a good one for you. Moreover, with the big memory at 64GB, You can completely satisfy with saving your photos, videos, movies or games The last thing I want you t know is both of them support in wifi and 4G Beside using wifi, you can use an 4G SIM while you are going out then you no need to worry about connection Both of them are 100% new so ShopDunk will apply the exchanging one by one program for you If you have any mistake, you just need to bring it back to ShopDunk and take a new one ShopDunk started to receive orders for iPhone XS and XS Plus I will leave a link in description below for you if you want more information I will stop here. Please Like and Share with your friends if you are interested in this video Subscribe ShopDunk channel to receive more useful videos Thank you for watching. Goodbye and see you!

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