Girl On A Solo Date feat. Nidhi Bisht, Shreyasi Sharma & Sachin Negi | Girliyapa

Girl On A Solo Date feat. Nidhi Bisht, Shreyasi Sharma & Sachin Negi | Girliyapa

I’m going on such a date
for the first time. What will people sitting around think? And what if one of
those guys is my ex? He won’t think anything. He’ll just say it. I knew it that you’re a psycho. No. I’m not ready for this. To fall in love with yourself is
the first secret to happiness. C’mon, Arushi! You can do this. – Hello, ma’am! Welcome.
– Hi. Thank you. Would you like to order now or
after your guest has arrived? Actually it’s just me.
I’m on a date with myself. Ma’am, here we’ve a table for one.
They’re placed in a more cozy corner. No. I’m fine here. Actually you’ll have to
shift if other guests come. So it’s better if you shift now. Let me know when someone else comes.
I’ll shift. – Very well, then.
– Such an idiot. Where is he taking all the things?
Is he offended? I hope he doesn’t remove the candle
otherwise my candle light dinner… Is this what you call a solo date? What have you done Arushi? Huh? I could’ve come with Pankaj. It’s okay if he’s sad or keeps singing ghazals. Confidence. Yeah. So one smoked
salmon with marinara sauce with a side of quinoa
and avocado salad. And some french fries please. – Ma’am, can I recommend something?
– Sure. You can order this. It’s light and you’ll get it soon. Fresh lime soda? You’re single. Right?
Recently you had a break-up. So when single life gives you a
lemon, we serve lemon soda. What’s your problem? If a boy comes alone to the
restaurant, then he’s independent. And if a girl comes then
she is single and sad. For you, I’m that customer
who you treat like a… …second class citizen and then
you expect a tip from her. And if I don’t give a tip by
mistake, you’ll say… …She’ll die single only. I’ll go for the salmon, please. Okay, fine. One smoked salmon with extra
portion fries for the single lady. Hey, call me by my name. – It’s…
– …Arushi? Hey, Arushi. It’s me. Kevin. Your ex’s best friend, Kevin. Once I was at your house.
Stole your mom’s bangles and ran away. You left dogs behind me. Then I was beaten by the police and
by the goons. Anyways leave this. How come you’re here?
Are you on a date or something? Of course. It’s a date. – Obviously I’ll not come alone.
– This is also true. He has gone to the washroom. With the chair? I’m just joking. You still don’t understand the jokes. What a coincidence? Even I’m going there.
By the way, what he’s doing? – As in?
– I mean… In general, what he’s doing in life? In life… Oh, shit! My clothes. Clothes! He makes clothes. – Fashion designer.
– He’s a tailor. I mean. Of course. He’s a fashion designer. He is too modest,
so he calls himself a tailor. He’s a keeper. Nice. Okay. I should leave now. I hope you haven’t
changed your number. Hello. Yes. I’m coming. Can you see me? Attention, guys! This girl got stood up and
desperately needs a date right now. Do your bit of social service
by calling her on 98803… Hello, madam! I’ve heard that you believe in dating. Your place or my place? Yeah. I’m already on it. Kevin was saying that he’ll
remove the post right now. Okay? And listen, don’t worry about random calls.
You’ve Truecaller. Right? It just gives you the option to block
all unknown numbers from calling you. Simple. Thanks. Wait a minute. Done. Okay, then. Enjoy. You’ve a hot date to get back to. Huh?
Bye. How can I enjoy alone? For that I need a company. Which I didn’t bring. Enough! Enough of this solo date. I need a company. Excuse me! I need a chair here. I’m so glad that you’re here. Thanks for joining me tonight. Excuse me? Hi. Is the seat taken? Yes. It is. You see this bag of mine has stayed with
me for longer time than any of my partners. And tonight I believe she deserves
a seat at the table with me. My whole day was really busy. And last minute I had to make a
plan so I couldn’t reserve a seat. Oh, really? So why didn’t you ask the one you
came along to reserve the seat? Actually, I wanted to spend some ‘me time’. I’m on a date with myself. I’m actually enjoying it. I should do this more often. I did not order this drink This drink from the ma’am
sitting at the corner. And also there’s a note. Thanks for the seat. Fun fact! When on a solo date,
you can never be stood up.

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    Our #latest release. Valentine's special

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    Our #latest release. Valentine's special

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