Google App: Ok, Google…

Google App: Ok, Google…

100 thoughts on “Google App: Ok, Google…


  2. Hello please make Google Assistant in 1GD ram please Google please add in colors phone please I want it please Google

  3. This is the best way to explain what a search engine can do

  4. staffeur

  5. Ok google today's weather in Houston

  6. Voice + Vision + Haptics is the future. Google assistant + Google lens + AR (Magic Leap?) will be your personal omnipresent Genie. It is the future of computing in general and the dawn of the "Superhuman".
    "I teach you the ubermensch. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?" Nietzsche

  7. Gogel tip's also helping


  9. This vid activated my google because you said ok google

  10. when he says 'ok google' my google assistant opened t-t

  11. Did anyone s assisant got activated by the 'ok google' frm this video? 😂😂

  12. ankur and

  13. "Ok google" is too cool and smart assistant…..

  14. ok google

  15. can't you say give me one video

  16. can't you say give me one video

  17. como podría bajar musica

  18. Nice ,of course google

  19. Abonner vous à moi

  20. Good

  21. I’m .

  22. I’m

  23. Super. Google

  24. Nice and good.

  25. Growing long eyelashes

  26. WHO it's great.

  27. Ok

  28. OK google
    What is the password of my friends gmail.😂😂😂😂😂

  29. 오 중간에 한국어!!!☺️☺️

  30. I

  31. जय जय हो आपकी।।।श्री गूगल जी (श्रीइंन्द्रदेव)।।। जयश्रीराधेकृष्ण

  32. बहुत अच्छे।।।श्रीइंन्द्रदेव जी।।। जय जय जय हो आपकी।।। तारामंडलों की भी।।। जयश्रीराधेकृष्ण।।। मित्रवर

  33. सब गायब।।।दर्शन तो दो।।। जय जय जय हो आपकी।।। जयश्रीराधेकृष्ण

  34. बहुत भीड़ है।।।श्री कुबेर जी कहा है।।। जयश्रीराधेकृष्ण

  35. #GoogleAssistant

  36. Ok, j'ai bien aimé le petit court métrage.

  37. Okay Google

  38. pizda tv

  39. Who tried the Picasso thing? 😂

  40. 0761071423

  41. Vreau youtube.Romin

  42. Bertobtlah sebelum terlambat

  43. Bertobtlah sebelum terlambat

  44. Nice

  45. Nice

  46. Nice

  47. Nice

  48. Ok Google how can I access you !!

  49. Ciao

  50. Such an invasive app.

  51. Ok, Google shut up

  52. Ok Google

  53. yg biasa jadi luarbiasa

  54. Google kiedy asystent po polsku?
    Google when the assistant in Polish?

  55. Caro potong rantai motor

  56. My English is very bed

  57. Pleiboy

  58. @Simó. Ortiz Naranjo.c

  59. Ok google mantap

  60. ดีมาก

  61. Meu celular parou o video e obedeceu o comando kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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  63. Buenos

  64. Cerco il Film ROCCO E I SUOI FRATELLI grazie mille

  65. Show me comments

  66. Ok google do you love Nokia?📱

  67. dmgohphokj

  68. 🙀

  69. 6c

  70. afactory pinke

  71. Ok google, Stop recording and collecting personal information.
    Oh you cant as thats the main reason for your release into peoples home's.

  72. Ok Google, Make the World War End! 😂

  73. Legal

  74. Hi good afternoon my school

  75. Dinossauro rei

  76. Oi todo bem Boa tarde que Deus abençoe todos vocês beijo pra você e sua família

  77. Morsomt

  78. 有人利用这样的应用设置來进本人youtube

  79. 刚才发的人头照橙色有人改了籃色

  80. .

  81. Make poop this poop

  82. 🎵📻🎤📺OK! GOOGLE VALE

  83. I want to set Google bar app to screen.

  84. Gana

  85. I love google

  86. Quem é o Br?


  88. Good luck to all

  89. اذا موجود أحد عربي لايك

  90. sel Japan

  91. Хотелось бы на русском

  92. this was in a random playlist called i UU, aking with gummy bear song and moana songs

  93. Спасибо уважаю вас

  94. This is the video that put Lizzo on my radar. Thank you Google lmfao

  95. 5

  96. Ok Google thanks

  97. Ok boomer

  98. Akuibginpunya amplikasi lik vidio oke


  100. nhờ tôn trọng người dùng khác khi đang nhận xét và tuân thủ nguyên tắc cống đồng của chúng toi

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