Google Framework | Play Store | Youtube Installation on Mibox MDZ-09-AA

Google Framework | Play Store | Youtube Installation on Mibox MDZ-09-AA

Hello welcome to feng’s share channel this is feng 22 hours ago I received a request to translate one of my videos to English, this video is just about how you can install Google framework and YouTube on the mibox mdz-09-aa AK My video is aobut MDZ-09-AA I am not 100% sure about that if its extractly same or not So I have no guarantee this mehtod will work for this mibox version anyway I will do the translation and put all the files all together on my website So you can download them all together I will leave the download link in the description section of this video Here is my original video So here Because I have supersu installed, I am going to uninstall it first Because I believe most of you are still on 360Root For doing this, you don’t have to install supersu You are 100% OK on the 360 Root So let me uninstall super su first So that’s fine OK good so we are back on the 360root Let’s start SManager, So first thing you need to do is go to my website download the neccessary files and unzip them on your sd card here we say allowed, the first button is allowed and here will be the OK button Go to SD card 1 and find the file just put on you sdcard 1 So here is the file name Make sure you select su and click run and now you will have this screen displayed and here It’s trying to Install all the files on your system Drive Ye, you just have to wait a moment That’s done, the device will be rebooted in 10 seconds Ok now the mibox is trying to update the apps Because installation put some new apps into the box and box now detected them So now some process is trying to Optimise these new installed apps Now we entere the new, well, the dashboard You can see the google play is here, You can now Enter your Google account to login So here you say OK and now it’s logining Ok, so you can uncheck this, uncheck that and go ahead and here is for payment, we say skip and here we say accept and now you are on Google Play Not that this Google Play is the phone version is not really the TV version but this mibox is on android 4, so you are not able to install the TV version for this play music I don’t like it, I just delete it and gmail, I don’t want to read gmail on TV So let’s delete it as well That’s good and now you have your Google play and YouTube and note that this youtube is also a phone version So It’s not very easy to use and you cannot upgrade directly from here because you will not be able to Find a compatible version of the YouTube on this play store Find a compatible version of the YouTube on this play store But it works, This is working YouTube app But it’s not very easy to control because it’s a phone version So I’m going to install a different version which is much user freindly on mibox tv and here we have the the official youtube app, I tried it I fount it it has an issue because you can Only see the first video and you have a black screen So the best thing you can do is installing Smart Youtube TV So the best thing you can do is installing Smart Youtube TV Let’s open it Yeah I chose 4K and here you say later you can Login So this app is quite good, you can also login and you can also use TV code to match your phone So you can still remote control your tv from your youtube on your phone It’s quite good Yeah so in some perspective this app is even better than the offical one You can see that it can play very high definition video That one is 2560×1440 All right, I think that is it yeah So for the download, just go to this address You’ll be fine I believe that translation will be sufficient for any English speaker If you still have questions just leave a comment Ok thank you for watching I will see you later bye bye

11 thoughts on “Google Framework | Play Store | Youtube Installation on Mibox MDZ-09-AA

  1. 英语讲得不错啊。You speak English well.

  2. Hi , thanks for the English version. 1 problem. How to unzip to the gapps to the scard? Hard time try too . I use thumb drive to download from your website. But can’t unzip to scard .

  3. I have follow all the step . but in the sdcard , I can't find any fill ..

  4. 可以来个中文版本吗?英文的很不错哦 但是我的设备是小米电视 不知是否可以教怎么能够安装 play 和 youtube

  5. 小米盒子3S可以破解吗

  6. bro, why is this device dont support audio thru HDMI? can this be fixed? thanks

  7. Hi, this method can works on Huawei TVbox as well?

  8. Hi, thanks for your video, I just got a mdz-09-ak version of mibox and I like to know if this is compatible, I appreciate your help

  9. hi where to get the files

  10. Hello, i have MDZ-09-AA. mibox is not loading, have only boot screen with icntv. boot in recovery – wipe all data, reboot in system 2 – nothing help me. Try flash MiBOX2_2S_dredd_gitv_1.3.112d.2199 – cant mount, cant open, cant mount, cant open.. and nothing. Please help me.

  11. SManager unable to grant root…what now???

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