Put it on the spatula? / Put it in right away! Quickly! 1,2,3! Go! Subtitle by instagram @rizkymel What are you cooking? It’s..omelette. / Nothing’s there. Not yet, sir. It’s PUBG pan. Welcome back to Yudist Ardhana Channel. A place where you can find cool, fun, and exciting videos every day. Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe. Why? Cause we’re reaching 5M subscribers, guys. Cool! I got a pan. What is that mean? We’ll fry.. But it’s not a common frying. Not fried rice, not omelette. We’ll fry stuff that are uncommon and I bet you’ve never seen it before. Let’s do this! The first item is candy. Have you seen it? / Frying candy? It’s an experiment, so we’ll try it out. Is it hot? / Yeah I guess so. Ok good. Candies. Let’s try. My fav. So yummy. Let me try. Hey I want some. / We’ll fry it. Be patient. Yeah it’s good, Nal. / You’ll eat up the candies. Yeah good. / what? It’s good with Coca Cola. / Knock it off. We’ll fry it. Look. Drop it. Watch out! / The oil is not ready yet. Yeah it’s not. / Come on. Drop some more. Look what happens, guys. Will it pop? / It starts, Nal! Yeah I see. Look! We got lots of smoke. Will it be faded or else? / I guess so, cause it’s smaller now. It’s disappearing. It’s gone. All gone. Ok the 2nd item is still candy. / But.. But different. We can’t eat up this candy. Hold it this way. It’s a bubble gum, guys. Experiment frying a bubble gum. Ok it’s enough. / Put it in, Viand. Why it doesn’t sound ssshhhh like frying chicken. I bet you’ve never seen it before. Frying candy. Only on Yudist Ardhana Channel. Wow! It’s melting. Melting right away. Look! Melting. / Yeah melting. Does it smell good? It smells like mint. I swear it’s mint. It’s bubbling. Small bubbles. / Disappearing huh? Disappear, guys. So if you fry a candy,, the result is.. Disappeared. / Disappeared. The 3rd item is rubber band, guys. The 2nd was bubble gum. This one is rubber band. Let Alviand taste it. / Hey come on. Try. / You asked only for candies. Rubber, guys. Nothing happened, guys. Nothing happens. Turn it off. Ugh! Smells bad! I swear. Smell it! Like a burning tire. / Yeah kind of, guys. It’s not good. Turn it off. Throw it. It’s the… / Next item. It’s so weird. We’ll fry soap. It’s for cleaning our body. Smell it first. How does it smell? Smells good. Put the soap in, guys. Maybe Limbad takes a bath this way. With hot oil and soap. / Yeah he’s so strong. Yeah. He’s gonna be just fine It’s burnt. Turn it over. That’s perfectly done. It produces bubbles. / It’s burnt, guys. That’s done. The 5th item is.. / Toothpaste. Watch out. Help me, Viand. Add more. / It makes sounds. Sparkling. Sparkling?! Popping, Viand. Splashing, guys. Hey turn it off! Quickly! Turn it off! Hurry up! Come on! What are you waiting? He escapes. It’s so dangerous, guys. Don’t try this at home. Look! A mess! It’s still splashing even we already turned it off. Bad ass. Ok, next guys. We will fry… Coca cola. Ok ready, Viand? / Go! Just a bit ok. Just a bit. Enough. Ok enough, guys. Turn it on. We’re frying Coca Cola experiment. The sodas are popping. It looks good there. Don’t do that. Look! That’s good. Like pearls. / Like bubbles. It’s so cool. / Will it blow, sir? I don’t think so. I think it will disappear. Mentos. 1,2,3! Nothing happens. Nothing happened. I’m safe, guys. The 7th item is styrofoam. Frying styrofoam with Coca Cola oil. Here. One is on oil. The other one is only on the pan without oil. What happens? The one over there is disappearing, guys. I swear it. / Shrinking. That one is shrinking. Only a half now. Turn it over. I think that’s burnt. Turn it over. Turn it over not pushing it. Look! It’s smaller. It’s like toast. / Yeah the toast. That one is so thin now. So different. I turn the stove off first. Look here, Nal. This one is thick. That one is way smaller. So thin. / It’s really like a toast. The texture is more solid. / Yeah like a bread. But it’s smell less. The next item is pomade. Hair clay. It’s supposed to melt. We tried on crayon. Do you remember? It was melting. Let’s see on this. Nothing happened, guys. Not fun. I don’t like it. Not as fun as tooth paste. / Ha ha ha. Yeah. Turn off the stove first. I don’t like it, guys. Let’s move on. The 9th item. It’s super fun, guys. Never been done by anyone. It’s Alviand’s weird idea. We’ll fry a ball, guys. What do you think? Frying a ball. / What ball? This ball. / I thought the big one. The ping pong ball. Let’s see, guys. 123! Watch out! It might bounce. 123 go! Whoosh. Bouncing. / Not yet huh. There! Turn it off! What? / That bounced. Not at all. It’s melting. / Help. Turn it over. / It’s melting like an egg. Let it be. Push it. Push. / Hey I’m scared. It’s like the egg yolk, I swear. Look look! / Yeah.. Like an egg yolk, guys. / I’m hungry. If we fry the white ping pong ball, that will be egg white. So we would fry it on the side. It’s sticky. / Apparently it’s melting, guys. Done. Look at the shape, guys. Shrunk. / Eat it. Finally, it’s what you’ve been waiting for, guys. You clicked this video cause of the thumbnail and the title. It’s the last item that we’ll fry today. We’ll fry.. Your cell phone. What? Why my cell phone? We’ll fry iphone. Come on. Really? / Sour sweet, oyster sauce or.. Chili sauce. / I don’t like spicy food. Are you sure? You won’t be able to make a phone call after this. That’s ok. You’ll buy me a new one. / Knock it off. Guys.. We’ll fry iphone. / For real. Hey. It’s mine. It’s mine. / Don’t act. It’s mine. Where’s yours? / It’s being charged. It’s my cell phone. I almost lose it. So mean. / I was happy if it’s yours. Where’s yours? / It’s being charged. Take it. Here it goes. / Please no. Please no. / Show it. It’s not mine. Get ready. The oil is ready. Go ahead, Viand. Come on. / How do I do it? Just put it there. 1,2,3,, drop it. Right now? / Yes. 1,2,3! No no! I pity you. I bought it not that easy. / I thought you’ll give me a new one. No no. It’s a no, guys. / That’s find. They launched the latest version. I’ll close it now. Thank you guys. / Not yet. No. I’ll regret it if your cell phone goes there. I’ll be bullied too. Then what’s the substitute? / A toy? It’s a fake iphone X, guys. I can’t turn it on. It’s a toy. Ok. This video is for entertainment purposes. Put it in. Your cell phone’s substitute. Put it in! Put it on the spatula. / Put it on the pan. Quickly! 1,2,3! Put it in! It’s Alviand’s idea. I’ve never seen someone cooked iphone before, guys. Hey it’s melting. Watch out! It might pop! Look at it, guys. The skin is peeled off. Cool. / Turn it over, Viand. I’m scared. It’s so dangerous if it has a real battery. Do not try this. Melted. / One side is melted. Turn it over. / Melted! It’s quite pricey, tho.. Melted! / How do I turn it over? You ask for a help. / Help! Ah! It’s separated. Totally separated. Melted. Apparently it’s empty on the inside. / What’s that? That’s metal. A ballast. Only metal, guys. It’s all melted. Ok.. Apparently.. Guys, that was the last result for today’s experiment. Frying items experiment. Once again, it’s only for entertainment purposes. No other meanings. Thank you for watching. Hit the thumbs up. Leave comment below about the other items that we should fry. See you again on the next video. Bye! Now your real cell phone. That’s fine

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