Grants Pass, Oregon’s Community Calendar With Ty Burrell

Grants Pass, Oregon’s Community Calendar With Ty Burrell

100 thoughts on “Grants Pass, Oregon’s Community Calendar With Ty Burrell

  1. Check out Boring, Oregon her sister city Dull, Scotland oh and their weird half sister Bland, in new south Wales, Australia.
    They're a riot.

  2. Let's hear it for the great state of Oregon!!!

  3. LOL…I live in Grants Pass!!

  4. Just wait until farmers market season in Oregon.. That's when things get really crazy! LUL

  5. Grants Pass= meth,right wing gunnuts that blame california

  6. I could have watched eight more hours of this.

    Also, Rogue Creamery legit won an award for the best cheese in the world, and it is totally worth the farts.

  7. Bend,Oregon  =  long cold freezing winters, forest fire summers, right wing gunnuts that try and blame calif and Obama for everything ever.if you like freezing wheezing and listening to some jackass who has not been past county line you will love this gunnut shithole

  8. I have family that lives there! It's really pretty!

  9. As fellow Grants Passians, we approve this message 😂Does it mean we've lived here too long if some of these events actually sound super fun?

  10. Thank you Ty and Stephen! You are two of my favorite comedians. I'm the Parks Superintendent for the City of Grants Pass and you missed my Dollar Mountain Trail Planning meeting at Council Chambers on March 25th. I hope to see you both there!!

  11. I am from Oregon, so thank you for telling me, where the Reiki healers are. I live in Silverton. I kinda needed to know.

  12. I live in this town, it sucks…

  13. Bruh, I live there ahaha

  14. Grants Pass wine country? Lol more like weed country.

  15. Grants Pass is beautiful, but it's racist a.f….

  16. Biden is senile

  17. Grants Pass/Ashland great towns. Took an awesome speedboat ride upriver along the Rogue. Beautiful Place.

  18. Living on the Lost Coast, we sometimes take the road up to Grant's Pass, but somehow that's not the way we actually say it.
    WE call it Grass Pants.
    Nice enough place if you like the altitude…

  19. I was born in Escanaba Michigan, but I grew up in Springfield Oregon, known for absolutely nothing! (Except for being across the river from Eugene Oregon, and right next to Glenwood) and having the Broiler Festival, to eat murdered chickens.

  20. I love these bits!

  21. I thought it was meth & weed country…

  22. Grass Pants Thanks You.

  23. He definitely looks like he's from Oregon

  24. Lived in Grants Pass for 2 years when I moved to Oregon. Do the jet boats on the Rogue river!! Beautiful there!!!

  25. Whoah, didnt expect to hear my local news from Steven Colbert today

  26. I'm in the battle of the bands Check us out TEMPLET

  27. Grass Pants, getting some national attention for something other than Meghan Markles crazy family! Shout out to my Southern Oregonians! From the "big city," of Medford!

  28. Grants Pass is indeed beautiful! They also have wonderful white water rafting and great beer. Wait… maybe I shouldn't be telling more people to come!

  29. speaking of Grants Pass, when are we getting a community calendar for Weed, Ca?

  30. My grandparents lived off of Holland Loop Rd. in Grants Pass in the 70's and early 80's on a 5 acre farm.
    When they passed, my parents sold the place to some dude who was growing pot.
    They tried some of his pot on the way home to So. Calif. then took too many hits and thought they were going to die.
    The dude grew some strong shit, but must have been a bad salesman because he defaulted on the payments and the place had to be re-sold within a year.

  31. I grew up in Oregon and used to call it Grant's Pants when I was little.

  32. This is my town and I didn’t even know these things were happening 😂

  33. It's nice to see some attention given to Oregon.

  34. So dang funny, I will actually be at the spaygetti dinner hahahaha

  35. Haven't been to Grant's Pass since 1993…. sounds like its grown up a lot! Beautiful countryside!

  36. We all know Grants Pass is weed country not wine country haha.

  37. Lol yep Grants Pass is a small town! Don't go in the summer… It's HOT there! Wish my small town had fun stuff

  38. I am deeply offended, I make the meatballs here, and I take pride in it. Please do eat our meatballs!!!!

  39. Dont have police in grants pass

  40. Why do they call it Oregon? Cause the goldrush happened, all the miners came and took all the ore. Get it.

  41. I've been to Grants Pass in 2016! It smells like fresh herbs and they have a snowcapped mountain. And legal weed! Beautiful place!

  42. I live a couple hours away lol

  43. Modern Family is a massive steaming turd.

    Much like this segment.

  44. Funnier since I live in Grants Pass.

  45. Or as phone dictation writes it, "Gramp's Ass".

  46. This segment is significantly less interesting if you happen to live in Grants Pass Oregon.

  47. I've lived in Grants pass my whole adult life, and when I found this video I just felt so loved. Thanks Stephen for talking about this great town, you should visit. We would love to have you.😁

  48. 💚💚💚

  49. Fucking loved the dead movie he starred at.

  50. There used to be a wonderful homemade ice cream shoppe there in Grant's Pass…

  51. As a lifelong Oregonian, I can say that this is a fair representation of us 🤪🌲🌊❤

  52. A cheese festival! Cheese curd envy.

  53. I live near Grants Pass and it's so crazy to see Stephen talking about us

  54. I live in grants pass and didn't know any of these golden events were happening and now I have to go

  55. OMG, Stephen featured GP. Been there a few times. It’s a lovely little town.

  56. Grants Pass is scenic, but too many fat old diabetic republicans. One of the trumpier parts of the state.

  57. My Home Town (Born There, In March). Colorful Spot, Nice Folks, & Amazingly Good Weed…

  58. I grew up in Grant's Pass and wow this is too surreal 🤣🤣

  59. Both of them have no lips. Like zero lips. Lol, and are the same kind of needy handsome.

  60. I didn’t know ‘Phil’ was from Grants Pass! I grew up there

  61. As a Grants Pass native, this was too funny.

  62. It’s the climate baby!

  63. I had no idea my favorite comedian was also a fellow Oregonian!!

  64. Okay so first of all, Grants Pass, just because you put three pieces of botany on it , your shitty concrete monster of a bridge still isn't "picturesque", okay?!?
    Second: When I read "Treats for teens" I laughed so much already, I had to rewatch the actual jokes^^
    That is one terribly dubious name!!!

  65. Pants Grass baby

  66. They left out the weekly religious intolerance meetings every Sunday. Unfortunately the inhabitants of Grants Pass have not advanced beyond the mentality of the racist, protestant miners who started the town. Their anti-U.S. government mentality is seen today by the residents of Josephine county consistently voting to not pay law enforcement agencies. Hells Gate jet boat excursions are a good time, pity it’s located in such a mentally backwards place.

  67. Grants Passy in ha Ty stick to the plot

  68. Must be drinking D. Bros?

  69. Got lots of Death Plants around here

  70. You CAN NOT mock the Oregon Cheese Festival! Rogue Creamery literally makes the best cheese in the world. And when I say "literally" I mean exactly that. Literally 1st place in the whole fucking world. Grants Pass sucks though. The Cheese Festival is in Central Point.

  71. omg I checked and these are all real events. I always thought they made stuff up for this segment

  72. Soooo funnnny! From the Rouge! TY!

  73. As an ex resident of grants pass I here by declare our town actually good and cool

  74. I live here . Please don’t come here it’s even worse than the events it shows. You’ll thank me later

  75. I like to shop at WinCo when I take my Tacoma in to the Toyota Dealership in Grants Pass. It's an incredible high that one needs to experience first-hand to truly understand. Just thought I'd share that with y'all..(dot-dot-dot.)

  76. Smh they talked abt battle of the bands but didn't mention Southwest Royale smh those are the BOYS, used to kick it with them before SR was even a band and they just got SLEPT ON 😤🥺

  77. Are these real events?

  78. After having lived in Grants Pass for many years… This is funny stuff. Great town though btw

  79. I grew up in a small town "village" with the population of 1200 and my graduation class total was 29 seniors 😳

  80. Lived in k falls in 97 ish

  81. I used to live there and this is a bizarre thing to watch. I wonder if they still have that caveman to greet you as you come off the freeway…

  82. I generally don't get out of bed when I'm scheduled for a skeet shooting…

  83. I'm just north of Grants Pass in an even smaller town. That was hilarious!

  84. A nice feature of this bit, is they pronounce Oregon correctly.

  85. Grew up in Grants Pass and after living all over the state of Oregon I came back and live here now. I love it here as it is a beautiful place to call home. Ty Burrell went to the same high school that I did. Hidden Valley High School represent!

  86. honestly the Rogue Creamery is impressive though.

  87. As an Oregonian I can vouch for all of this 😂

  88. Southern Oregon is weed country.

  89. This is classic! Official "viral" video of #Coronavirus

  90. I may not live in Grant's past (Springfield, OR) but it's crazy seeing this title on colbert

  91. Ty’s comedic timing is impeccable.

  92. my grandparents lived in grants pass for a long time & id go visit them every summer

  93. Southern Oregon representttt

  94. You can only know Grants Pass by visiting 👏🏻👏🏻 What an amazing PR boost for such a sweet town ❤️❤️

  95. Yup, that's Oregon

  96. Never thought my home town would make the Late show lol. Ty is a local hero and we’re all so proud of him and the fame he’s achieved.

  97. Growing up in Oregon, we thought it was so funny to call Grants Pass, Grass Pants.

  98. Gp is filled with bs events to fill in the black void of a valley. Theres no opportunities there. Pepple are struggling to make it by. Its a retirement dumping ground.

  99. I don't want to be a pedantic Oregonian but they're pronouncing Grass Pants wrong.

  100. Grants Pass! W00t!

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