Griffin Reveal for iPod Touch 5th and 6th Gen. Review!

Griffin Reveal for iPod Touch 5th and 6th Gen. Review!

Hey guys what’s going on, it’s VK here
from VK news and Tech reviews, and today we’re taking a look at the Griffin Reveal case for
the iPod touch 5th and 6th generations, let’s get started! Coming in at just 10 dollars
on Amazon, the Griffin Reveal will definitely appeal to those on a budget who want to show
off their device’s design. Getting right into the unboxing, you’ll simply find the
case itself, along with a warranty card for Australia.
Croiky! Installing the Griffin Reveal was quick and
easy, as I simply inserted my iPod, and pressed on it until the case snapped around it. In
terms of overall design, this case consists of rubberized sides along with a clear, hard
plastic backing (hence the name “Reveal”). Speaking of the back, it’s worthy to mention
that there is no cutout for the loop accessory that was found on the 5th Generation iPod
touch. This was actually the main reason that I purchased this case, as I have the iPod
touch 6th Generation, which does not have the loop accessory. Moreover, the rear camera
cutout provides ample space for the camera, microphone, and flash while also eliminating
the wobbling caused by the iPod’s protruding camera when the device is used on a table.
Along the sides, you’ll find raised areas for the volume and power buttons, which are
clicky, and only require a bit more pressure to press than without the case. The rubber
on the sides of the case extend a bit above the front of the iPod, providing some scratch
protection for the screen, while also allowing you to better grip the device. At the bottom
of the case is a singular large cutout for the speaker, lighting port, and headphone
jack. This design should allow for even the thickest of cables to be plugged into the
3.5 millimeter jack. In addition, the case adds a negligible amount of weight and bulk
to the device, making it comfortable to use the iPod with one hand, as well as allowing
it to fit on my LEGO iPod stand. The slim design does come with some downfalls, however,
as the case is only rated for drops from waist height and I personally wouldn’t feel confident
dropping the case while using it, or throwing it at a wall like some other cases on the
market. The Griffin Reveal is clearly made for looks, not protection, as the clear backing
and thin design shows off the iPod’s slim, all metal construction. This would be fine
if it weren’t for this case’s fatal flaw. The clear plastic back, unfortunately came
out of the box with a very large scratch under the camera cutout and a few smaller scratches
elsewhere. (UNACEPTABLE!!!!!!!) Additionally, the back collects dust on inside and fingerprints
on the outside, and after just one day of use, the case looked as if it was months old.
I can’t say that I wasn’t forewarned, as many of the reviews for this case on Amazon
report that the back is easily scratched, with a handful of reviews reporting that the
case itself damaged the metal back of the iPod. Whether or not the case will hold up
in the long term is yet to be discovered, but it’s great to know that this case comes
with a one year warranty for me to fully take advantage of by getting a new scratch-free
case. The Griffin Reveal for the iPod touch 5th and 6th Generation is a great option for
those wishing to show off their iPod’s design on a budget, or for someone looking for an
iPod case without an Apple loop cutout. Just be sure to take advantage of the one year
warranty when you need it. If you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and comment!
I’m VK from VK News and Tech Reviews, and have a nice, scratch resistant day!

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