Guess the Phone, Get the Phone! – iPhone vs Samsung vs Huawei vs Pixel

Guess the Phone, Get the Phone! – iPhone vs Samsung vs Huawei vs Pixel

– We took a photo, from a
bunch of different phones, right. We want you to pick one. Which ones your favorite? – And if you can guess which phone, took that
photo, that’s your favorite, you get the phone. (cha-ching) – Yeah – What’s the trick? – There’s no trick, you
can guess which phone took that photo, you get the phone. – I never thought this
would be happening to me. (electronic music) – [David] Ready, set
– okay – [David] Send it
– Okay so, we just got back
from picking up a bunch of brand new phones– – [David] a bunch of phones. – For this video, we have a lot this time – [David] Have a lot of phones. (laughing) – We have Google Pixel 3 here, we have a couple iPhones, the iPhone 10s, the iPhone 10R, and we have some Samsung; The Samsung Galaxy S10e, and the S10+, and we have a Huawei P30 Pro, all of which have amazing cameras. – [David] Yeah. – I think we should get
all these out of the box, go out and take a bunch of photos and then we can judge for ourselves which one we think is the best and then we’ll see which one everyone else thinks is the best. – [David] Yup.
– If they get it right, they get a free phone. Lets do it. (“For The Record” HDBeenDope
Dylan Sitts Remix playing) Hey if you’re wondering
what that awesome song is that we’re playing right now check it out in the description. It’s from Epidemic Sound, you can get a free thirty day trial to use this kind of
music in your own videos, absolutely free. So sign up, click the link in the description, help us out. Do it. Get it, get it. We have a bunch of photos here, that we took on a bunch of random phones and if you can pick which one of these that you like the best and you can guess which phone took it, we’ll give you that phone. – Oh my God I want that S10 – (laughs) Yeah, right. – Looks really good actually. – I think I’ve seen you on YouTube before. – Oh you think so? (laughs) – Didn’t you go to University and– – [David] Yes! – And ask people– – Yeah we did did you see that video? – Yeah
– No way, – iPhone XR and–
– Yeah, yeah, – Yeah I saw you guys.
– Yes, yes – [David] That was us
– No way. – Oh you like this one the best? Okay (bell dings) – [David] Why do you pick this one? – It’s clear. – Yeah. – [David] More clear? – More clear. – The colors are nice. – [David] The colors are
nice, all right sweet. – [David] So which phone do
you think took that picture? – The one on the right. – [David] The Huawei? – Yeah. – [David] Moment of truth. Did you win a new phone? – Oh boy, ready? – [David] That’s correct. A new phone. – A brand new phone. – No way. – [David] This is your brand new phone. – [David] What made you pick a Huawei? Why did you think the Huawei was the one? – I’ve seen so much reviews about them and the picture quality, so it looked pretty clear. – I never thought this
would be happening to me, or my friend. (laughing) – [David] All right enjoy your new phone. – [Fin] Cool, cool have a good one guys – I think we’re gonna go a lot more phones in this video it’s hilarious. And he saw the last video,
what are the chances of that? – So we just want you to
pick out of these photos which one is your favorite? – What’s the trick? – There’s no trick. So you figure which one you like the best and then once you figure out
which one you like the best if you can guess which phone took that photo you get the phone. – Oh. I’m gonna go with that one. (bell dings) – Okay you’re gonna pick this one? What made you pick this one? You just like the colors
or detail or what? – Yeah the sky, the blues. – Looks nice. – Sharper. – So now that you’ve picked
this photo as your favorite, these are all the phones
we have right here, which of these phones took that photo? – I’m gonna go with that one. – [David] What makes you go with that one? – You know what, I’m just taking a guess. – I don’t know if I’d look either. Something Galaxy S10e. – I’m gonna check which one this is. – You could be getting this phone. This is a thousand dollar phone. – That’d be sweet. – You ready to see if it is? (buzzer) oh it was the Pixel3, it
was this one right here. – [Ben] So close. – It’s hard, if you don’t really know it’s kind of like a one in six chance. – Pen holster. Oh you don’t want to sign a release form? Locked and loaded. Throw in some auto bot sounds there. (beep sound) – I want you to pick which
phone you like the best, if you can guess which
phone took the photo then you get that phone. – Wow. – [Fin] They’re all
selfies on the phones. We have the phones here. – So awkward. (laughing) – What’s her Tinder username. – What’s the best one? – [Fin] That’s the whole point. – I’m gonna pick that one. (bell dings) – [David] Why are
you picking that one? – I don’t know I just like
the lighting and stuff. Good amount of darkness to light. – [Fin] Sure sure okay. So now you’ve picked your favorite. all you have to do is try and figure out which phone you think
took your favorite photo, and then you can get that phone. – I think it’s that one. – [Fin] You think it’s this one? This is a crazy color looking,
why did you pick that one? Is it ’cause it’s loud and wild? – Yeah it’s a pretty color. – [Fin] Okay, what
phone do you have right now? – iPhone 6. – [Fin] iPhone? So you think that the best
camera, your favorite, is not an iPhone but you have an iPhone? – Yeah. – [Fin] Okay that’s fair. So here you go this is it,
I’m gonna click right now. And we’re gonna do finger slip up. There you go. (buzzer) It’s a Samsung. That is the Samsung S10+. – So hard. – [Fin] So many
people pick that Huawei – [David] It just looks like it would take good pictures right? – It does. – Honestly I don’t know
why I didn’t pick an iPhone ’cause I don’t really want a Samsunug, that’s quite dumb actually. – You pick your favorite and you can tell which phone took it the
we’ll give you the phone. We were on the street and
we thought it’d be fun to come into a camera
store and see if you– – Sure yeah yeah. I’m guessing that new Huawei would have the best of all the images hey? – [Fin] You would think. Which phone would you pick if you won one of these phones? – That’s tough man. Either the Huawei or the Google, ah the Samsung S10. This is tough. – [Fin] It is. – I think my favorite photo is this guy. (bell dings) – [David] Why is that your favorite? – I think the colors on
it look more natural. – [David] All right so now connect
that picture to the phone. – [Fin] Which one do you think? – Let’s go with the Huawei. – What’s your reasoning? You think it has the best
camera of all of them? – Is that the P90? – [David] P30 Pro. It’s the latest and greatest. Or you could just do a one eighty and choose the iPhone or something. Final answer? – Final answer. – I don’t know so I’m gonna check. Let’s see, are you ready? (buzzer) no that’s a Samsung. It’s the S10e. – [David] So do you really like the S10, what was it? – S10e. – [Fin] S10e surprisingly. – [David] So what do we think
of the contestants so far? – So far so good. We had some people
actually know their stuff also everyone picks that flashy P30 Pro. – [David] It’s just so colorful. – It’s got all the cameras. – Everyone think their
favorite must be that one. That’s what everyone thinks so yeah. Look at this view right here. – [Fin] I want you
to pick which one you like the best, which is your
favorite of all those photos. – I think I like this one. – [Fin] Okay you
like that one the best. (bell dings) Her face, really stark you can see it. And then the background
is blurred which is nice. It kind of focuses the attention. – [Fin] Which do
you think took that photo? If you get it right you get the phone. – I’m gonna say the Huawei. – [Fin] You think
the Huawei took it? What makes you think that? – Well it’s one of the best
on the market at the moment. – [Fin] It is yeah. – And this is the best photo. – [Fin] That’s fair. – [David] Makes sense. – [Fin] I’m going to
check, I actually don’t know. I’m gonna check which one that is. Just gonna swipe over here it’s gonna say. Okay right now it was the iPhone XS. The iPhone 10s actually
took a better photo. – [David] You thought the
Huawei took the best pictures but maybe the iPhone XS
takes better pictures. – Maybe. – These are all taken on brand new phones. We have all the phones there. you wanna open the case there? And basically you gotta pick
your favorite of these photos, which one you like the best, you can scroll through all of them. They’re all raw, unedited pictures from these brand new phones. – I think I like the last one. – You like the last one? – Yeah. (bell dings) – What make you like it? – It’s just like the blue,
the blue’s really vibrant. Just the shadowing as well is really nice. It’s kind of really crisp. – [David] So which phone would you expect– – [Fin] Which phone do
you think took that photo? – (dramatic sound) – [Ben] No pressure. – No pressure. – It’s only a thousand dollar
phone you could win here. You could win a brand new
thousand dollar phone. Some are like $1500. – I think, is it the Google? – The Google Pixel 3? – Yeah, I don’t know. – [David] What do you know
about the Google Pixel? – I just had a feeling about it. I got no idea about these phones. – [David] Got some vibes coming form this phone. Gotcha. – You’re final answer? You’re winning a thousand
dollar phone here potentially. Is that your final answer? – [David] Betting it all on the vibes. – Yeah I’m just gonna go with it. – Gonna go with the Google Pixel 3? – Yeah. – Are you sure? All right. I’m gonna see if this is it. All right, you ready? I’m gonna swipe up and see
if this is Google Pixel 3. If this is a Google Pixel
3, you get that phone. – That’d be nice wouldn’t it? – What phone do you have right now? – Bloody old iPhone. – An old iPhone. – Mate that’d be great. – That’d be great, you
ready to see what it is? You guys all ready over here? Three, two, one, (bell dings) it was a Pixel 3. – What the (cha-ching) – [David] You won a brand new phone. – [Fin] You can
have the phone right here. – No way, what the hell. That’s awesome. Thank you so much. That was the best (laughs). – I saw she had a camera earlier, she might know some things about cameras, she might be able to pick this. You actually got it. – That’s awesome thanks guys. – All right time to replace some of the phones we’ve given away. – [Fin] Exactly. – Brand new unboxing. Guys these are new phones
we’re not tricking anyone. We’re giving them away. – [Fin] Every time we give one away. – This is (mumbles) so beauty– – [Fin] Re-stock
our little phone case after giving away that one. And go back at it for more. – [David] Brand new one. – [Fin] Re-stock, oh other way. – [David] Nice and tight. – [Fin] There you go. – [Ben] We’re good. – [Fin] All re-stocked and ready to give away some more. Who needs a phone the most? – Probably you. – Sure. – [David] Even if you choose randomly it’s a one in a six chance of getting it. – Yeah sure I’ll try. – Go for it. – [David] What phone are
you using right now? – A S8. – [David] You like the pictures? – It’s okay. – [Fin] Do you take
many pictures or not really? – No not that many. The ones I do take, I wish they looked– – [Fin] Looked better, exactly. They’re all slight differences
but pretty similar. They’re all unedited too, just raw photos. – I’ll say this one. (bell dings) – [David] Why did you pick that one? Any specific reason? Anything you see and you like? – No, it looks a little bit different than all the other ones. – [Fin] More unique? Okay cool. Out of all these phones, which phone do you think took that photo? If you can guess it right
you will get that phone. These are all like $1500 phones, they’re all brand new
top of the line phones. – I’ll say the Huawei. – Okay so you reckon the Huawei? Interesting. – [David] What makes you choose it? – I don’t know, it’s a different photo, that’s a different phone. – Wild color going on. – [Fin] It looks fancy yeah. – Brand. – It’s also supposed to
have like an insane camera. I’ve recently looked
through all the comparisons of all the pictures and phones, like all new phones recently. – If that’s right, if this is the Huawei they you’re gonna get a brand new Huawei. Is that your final answer for sure? ’cause this is for everything. – I get the Huawei? Oh okay. – [Fin] Whichever one you pick that’s what you get. – [David] You pick your
favorite picture and hope that the phone you want took that picture. – Let me just think about
it a little bit more. – I could see it being the Huawei. – Sure yeah, I’ll pick the Huawei. – [David] Okay final answer. – What’s your input? – Because, oh wait it this a plus? – [Fin] This is the iPhone and this is the iPhone XR, and this is the iPhone XS. All top of the line phones. – I don’t really know so
I’m just gonna guess it. – See ’cause I would say that is– – [David] One of the iPhones? – I was gonna go with one of the iPhones. – [Fin] We’ll have you weigh in too, see if we can sway– – I don’t wanna weigh in at all. Her photos generally look lighter than other photos, like on a iPhone. So I can see where you’re coming from because that picture does look lighter. – Okay yeah I’ll change it. – [David] If he loses now it’s your fault. – I didn’t say which one, I
just said one of the iPhones. – Where’s the split one? The Galaxy Fold? – It’s not out yet. – Maybe we’ll do another
video with the Galaxy Fold. big moment, you’ve made
your final decision. Ready, three, two, one, it was the Huawei. – [David] No way, oh no. You know it’s a one in six
chance and it’s a random choice. It wasn’t your fault at all. – I bought you a London
Fog though, we’re even. – That’s painful. – No loss. – [Fin] You have to know– – [David] No loss, exactly. – I knew I was right. – Your thought process
was totally correct. – [Fin] You can
tell that’s the Pixel. – [Ben] The Huawei takes
some really different photos. – That’s the one that was most different. – It is the most different yeah. – I didn’t see the photos. (cha ching) – [Fin] Just pick which of these photos you like the best and then once you pick which one you like the best, if you can figure out
which phone took that photo then you get that phone. – Possibly be able to do that. – [Fin] I know. – This one. – [David] That was fast. – [Fin] What about that
one made you pick it? – I don’t know (laughs)
they all look the same. (bell dings) – [Fin] Which one do
you have currently, an iPhone? – Six maybe. So it’s definitely better
than an iPhone 6, taken that. I’m gonna go with that one. – [Fin] You think
it’s the Huawei P30? Okay. This one’s shiny and flashy a
lot of people picked that one. Is that why you picked it? Why do you think it’s that one? – Well I don’t know, I just
don’t know, it’s shiny. – [David] This is a big decision
you’re making right now you could win one of these phones. – I know nothing about phones, that’s why I have an iPhone 6. – [David] You still have
a one in six chance to win it. – I’m still just going with that one. – [Fin] You’ll randomly go for it? – Yep. – [Fin] I’m gonna
check which one it is and we’re gonna see
right now, are you ready? – Yep. – [Fin] This is over
a thousand dollar phone you could be winning right now. You ready? Okay, three, two, one, That is correct. That is it. – [David] You won a Huawei. – [Fin] You just won the phone. – What the (cha ching) – [Fin] That was actually the phone. Here you go. – I’m really confused (laughing) – [David] You won a new phone. – [Fin] You won a brand new phone. – Thanks. – [Woman] Best walk ever. – Kate’s like wait, what? (laughter) I’ve only ever had iPhones. That’s why I was like, it’s not an iPhone. – [Fin] Well there you go, enjoy your brand new phone. – Thank you. – Enjoy yourself, have a good one. – She won it. Everyone picked the Huawei, people just assumed it’s the Huawei. They think good camera, Huawei. You know what it is? Advertising, it’s those ads
with the Huawei they get people. – [David] But the thing is, they are picking their favorite. – Much longer? – What? – You just took all your Huawei photos out of your slideshow. – [David] Here’s the thing, they’re choosing their
favorite picture first so people like the pictures
taken by the Huawei. – Oftentimes they’re wrong though, but in that case it was
actually the Huawei. – All right, giving away
phones to strangers part two. We did it again. – We did it again, the
last one did so good. The last one was awesome. – The last video took us
from 23 thousand subscribers to over a hundred thousand subscribers. – Dude, one hundred K. Hello one hundred thousand followers. – Welcome everyone. – This one again upset
our expectations though. – Yes all of these phones
took such good pictures. – [Fin] They all look so good, it was hard for even us to tell. – It was difficult for us but did you manage to distinguish? – Yeah how well did you do? How well honestly did you do, and which is your favorites
out of all of them? – Has your perception of
these phones changed at all? Also huge shout out to Ebony for modeling. – [Fin] Yes for all those photos. We had to take a different photo with every single phone, six
times for every shot. – Hold the pose! – [Fin] Shoutout to Ebony for being patient with us throughout that process. If you want to check her out, she’s
@EbonyJepson on Instagram. And we’ll put a
link in the description as well as a link to all of the photos. – So if you wanted to take a closer look and actually analyze the photos,
we’ll link all those files. – Some were edited, some where unedited they should all be labeled. They’ll be down there as well as a link to our sponsor for this episode. – Epidemic Sound. – Yes, we actually have used Epidemic Sound for a long time. – Forever. – If you’re a YouTuber it is a must. You must have an Epidemic Sound account and with our link you get 30 days free. – Yes sign up for the 30
day trial using our link. Even if you aren’t a
YouTuber just sign up anyway it helps us out. And it will help us up our budget for our next video the more sign ups we get, so definitely sign up
for the free 30 day trial and check out some awesome music and maybe use them in
your next YouTube video. – But for now, thank you
guys so much for watching. – Definitely check out the last video, like this video, share with a friend. Do all that good stuff. – If this video gets ten million views, we will buy Apple. – And Samsung and Huawei and Google. – And just make phones
for free for everyone. – We’ll make it happen. – Alright guys, see you on the next one. Peace! (nostalgia music)

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