Hands Free Car Kit for iPhone – No Bluetooth Needed

Hands Free Car Kit for iPhone – No Bluetooth Needed

HI This is a demonstration of the aFM FM Transmitter
from iPhoneFMTransmitter.net. We are demonstrating the hands free feature
of the aFM Transmiiter. Right now we have the radio present set at
87.9 FM, and you can hear that there are lots of noise in the background. That is due to
the fact that 87.9 FM is an empty station. We are gonna switch the aFM on. You will notice
that the background noise actually went away. That is because the aFM transmitter is currently
working and broadcast it’s signal to the 87.9 FM preset. Now we are going to plug the aFM to an iPhone4S.
Music plays….You can hear now that the music is coming through loud and clear from the
car radio. Now we are gonna test out the Hands Free feature
of the aFM Transmitter. Now we have someone call our phone, and we
gonna answering this call right now. “hello! can you hear me” “yes, I can hear you very well!” “Test! Test” “can you say that again?’ “yes, I can hear you very well” You can hear that the sound is coming out
loud and clear. We are now hanging up, the music comes back. So, this is a demonstration on how the aFM
is working as a Hands Free device with your car radio. Once again this is a video of the aFM Transmitter
from iPhoneFMTransmitter.net.

5 thoughts on “Hands Free Car Kit for iPhone – No Bluetooth Needed

  1. Does this work on all iPad versions?

  2. Yes, this transmitter will work with any audio device with 3.5 mm jack.

  3. Thanks for the feedback

  4. Hi I checked from website your price 49.99$ right?

  5. Can you answer a phone call and talk threw this device

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