History of the iPod nano

History of the iPod nano

Hey guys, it’s Greg with Apple Explained,
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which video you’d like to see next. Now before we get in to all the different
models of the iPod Nano, let’s first talk about the circumstances surrounding its release. The iPod nano was a replacement for the iPod
mini, and this move was very risky at the time since the newest model of iPod Mini was
released just eight months before and was selling very well. Actually, I remember seeing these colorful
iPods everywhere at school and in public since the iPod mini was the best-selling model up
to that point. But Steve Jobs knew Apple had to replace the
iPod mini with something even better since other manufacturers were beginning to catch
up with its design and features. So in September 2005 that’s exactly what
Apple did. Jobs took the stage and unveiled the original
iPod Nano in the most spectacular way possible [clip] The nano was almost half the thickness of the iPod
mini and introduced all kinds of new features like flash storage, which meant there were
no moving parts, making the device even more durable and compact. This alone was a huge benefit since the iPod
Nano was a portable device and would likely be dropped from time to time. Now when considering the dramatic difference
between the iPod Nano and mini, you’d think Apple must’ve spent years developing the
nano. But in reality, the nano began development
just nine months prior to its release date. And although the iPod mini was offered in
color, Apple limited the first gen iPod nano to black and white. It was available in two storage sizes, 2 GB
which held 500 songs for $199, and 4 GB which held 1000 songs for $249. This was a big accomplishment at the time
considering the original iPod released four years earlier also held 1000 songs but was
much larger than the nano. Later on in the iPod Nanos lifecycle, Apple
lowered its entry price to $149 by releasing a 1 GB model which held 250 songs. This generation of iPod Nano achieved 14 hours
of battery life which was pretty impressive considering it’s size, and that it featured
a backlit, 1.5” color display. Now I should mention that six years later,
in 2011, Apple recalled all 1st generation iPod nanos that were made between September
2005 and December 2006 because of overheating batteries that could catch fire. Now Apple said the possibility of the incident
was rare, but the likelihood increased as the battery aged. So Apple started a replacement program where
you could mail in your old first gen iPod nano, and they’d send you the current iPod
Nano model for free. But there were other complaints about the
1st gen nano, like the screen, since it was prone to scratching and cracking. Apple acknowledged the faulty screens, but
said that just one tenth of one percent of nanos were effected. But a class action lawsuit followed, which
was eventually settled with Apple paying $15-$25 to each person involved. But despite these technical issues, the first
generation nano was a huge success. Apple sold a million units in just 17 days,
and that helped earn Apple more than a billion dollars in 2005. A year later, in September 2006, Apple introduced
the 2nd generation iPod nano. This time it took some design cues from the
Mini, since it featured an anodized aluminum case that was scratch resistant, and it was
available in a variety of colors, instead of just black and white. The display was also improved, since it was
40% brighter. And storage doubled to 2, 4, and 8 GB. Apple also limited the nanos color options
based on the models storage size. The cheapest 2GB model was only available
in silver, while the most expensive 8GB model was only available in black. But the 4GB model had the most color options
including blue, green, silver, and pink. A red nano was introduced later on, first
for the 4GB model and later for the 8 GB model too. It was created in partnership with the Product
(RED) campaign which meant Apple would donate $10 for each unit sold to help fights HIV/AIDS
in eight African countries. The Red model cost the same as the other colors
and was a huge success. Besides storage improvements, all 2nd gen
iPod Nano models had their battery life increased by 10 hours, now lasting 24 hours as compared
to 14 with the first generation. There were also software improvements, like
added search options and gapless playback. The following year, in September 2007, Apple
launched the third generation nano. This time, its design changed even more than
before, since it adopted a square-shaped body as opposed to rectangular. This allowed for a larger 2” display but
came at the cost of weight, since the third gen nano was heavier than its predecessor. It also marked the return of the stainless
steel back from the first generation while keeping a colorful aluminum front. Some new software features were also added
like Cover Flow, although it was extremely laggy at launch until Apple released a firmware
update to resolve the issue. The third gen nano could also play videos,
games, and movie rentals from iTunes. It was available in silver, red, green, blue,
pink and black. With silver still exclusive to the 4GB model,
and all other colors available with the 8GB model. Battery life remained unchanged with the same
24 hours of music playback, and 5 hours of video playback. Now the following 4th generation iPod nano
was released in 2008 and returned to its traditional rectangular design. This model was thinner than all previous iterations,
and featured more color options than ever before. Both the 8 and 16 GB models were available
in silver, black, purple, light blue, orange, yellow, green, pink and red. This generation of nanos were also very environmentally
friendly, since they didn’t contain any mercury, arsenic, BFR, or PVC, and its materials
were highly recyclable. The display was the same size as the 3rd generation
nano but rotated vertically to fit inside its rectangular design. Because of this, the display could be viewed
in portrait or landscape modes, thanks to the built-in accelerometer. When rotating the device you would enter landscape
mode which activated the Cover Flow interface, and it’d play videos in this orientation
too. The accelerometer could also be used for shuffling
songs just by shaking the device. And Apple introduced a new Maze game to the
iPod Nano that used the accelerometer as the primary game mechanic. There were some software changes on this iPod
Nano, besides the modernized interface, the 4th generation also had the Apple “Genius”
feature that would automatically create playlists based on your own personal music preferences. Also, it had support for voice memos through
an external mic or Apple in-ear headphones. The 4th gen nano was available in 4, 8, and
16GB versions, with the 4GB model only available in Europe. Battery life was still the same 24 hours for
audio playback, but decreased to 4 hours for video playback. And as a new year arrived, so did a new iPod
nano. The fifth-generations design remained pretty
much the same as its predecessor, but it had a shinier aluminum finish and featured a larger
2.2” display. It was again available in nine different colors,
Red, green, pink, silver, black, purple, blue, yellow and orange. But the most significant change to the fifth
gen iPod nano was the addition of a video camera with 16 special effects. It recorded 480p video but wasn’t capable
of taking still photos. And Apple marketed this video camera feature
as a replacement for dedicated portable camcorders that were exploding in popularity back in
2009. In addition to the video camera, the new iPod
nano had a built-in microphone, speaker, FM tuner, iTunes tagging, and a pedometer with
Nike+iPod support. The fifth gen nano was still available in
8 and 16GB models, but this time the larger capacity model was only $30 more at $179. And the battery capacity for video playback
increased to 5 hours. Now in 2010, Apple announced the 6th generation
iPod nano, which was the most radical change to the nano line yet, since it abandoned the
click wheel in favor of a touch screen. It also had a completely square design with
an integrated clip which made it the first wearable iPod Nano. This new design made the 6th generation nano
46% smaller and 42% lighter than its predecessor. And while the display was smaller than on
the 5th generation at about 1.5”, it featured a higher pixel density for better clarity. This model still had an accelerometer, pedometer,
and FM tuner, but the video camera was removed and it didn’t allow video playback like many
of its predecessors. The following year, 2011, marked the first
time the iPod Nano didn’t receive a hardware update. Instead, Apple updated its software. New features included larger icons which would
display one app at a time instead of four, the nike+ app no longer required shoe sensors,
the clock had 16 new watch faces and Apple added some new backgrounds. It was also possible to change songs or pause
by double-clicking the sleep button. And holding the same button would turn the
nano off. I should also mention that the 6th generation
iPod nano ran a modified version of iOS, but it didn’t have an app store, so you couldn’t
add 3rd party apps like on the iPod Touch or iPhone. Now this model was available in 8 and 16GB
versions and seven colors. And just like its predecessor, its battery
lasted 24 hours for music playback. Now something special happened with this iPod
Nano that I don’t think even Apple anticipated. Users started clipping their nanos to watch
bands and used the device as a smartwatch, keep in mind the Apple Watch hadn’t been
made yet. And although Apple never really intended the
iPod Nano to be used this way, third party watch bands for the 6th generation iPod Nano
started appearing everywhere, which led to even more users wearing their nanos as smartwatches. And even when the first Samsung Galaxy Gear
was released in 2013, the 6th gen iPod nano was considered to be a better performing,
more affordable alternative to the Gear smartwatch. Now the final, 7th generation iPod nano was
released in September 2012, and was only available in 16 GB. It was also the thinnest iPod nano Apple had
ever made. It supported Bluetooth 4.0 headsets, speakers,
car stereos and heart-rate monitors. The FM radio was still included but only worked
with Apples wired headphones since they served as an antenna. And speaking of headphones, this model of
nano was the first to include Apple’s new EarPods which were selling like crazy at the
time. And once again the iPod Nano supported video
playback, although the video camera did not return. It still had a multi touch screen but this
time it measured 2.5 inches, which was the largest display of any iPod Nano model. Beneath the screen was a home button, just
like the iPod touch, which was also a first for the nano. And the software interface changed with this
generation, featuring round icons instead of the usual rectangular shape found on other
iOS devices. This iPod nano was available in seven colors,
which were refreshed in 2015. And on July 27, 2017, the iPod nano was officially
discontinued. Now if you want a brand new iPod Nano today,
you can probably find one on eBay, but you’ll have to shell out extra cash since most of
them are selling well above the previous $149 retail price. So that is the history of the iPod Nano, and
if you want to vote for the next video topic, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next

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