Holi Wars Feat. Khushbu Baid, Sanaya Pithawala & Shreya Singh | Girliyapa

Holi Wars Feat. Khushbu Baid, Sanaya Pithawala & Shreya Singh | Girliyapa

No! No way, guys! I hope you guys remember what
had happened with me last time. Guys, I’m not able to wear a backless
for the past one year because… …neither these hands
have the flexibility to reach my back… …nor do I have the upper body strength
to remove the colour. Look Ruby, I know Shreya on Holi is like
a hidden strawberry in a strawberry balm. But that doesn’t mean we
can’t reach her. Exactly. We can reach her, get her out of
her corner and put… …colours on her after
shampooing and removing oil. Provided you support us. Hold on for a minute. We are just three. What can we even do? All this in 30 seconds? I’ve been practicing for one year,
one month and half a day to attack Shreya. And when it comes to
me, I didn’t need a year or a month. I planned it all within half a day. And how will I be of any help? – Eye candy.
– What? No way. I don’t want to… Guys! What colours are we going to use? Permanent ones. That means she won’t be
able to show her face just like my back! I’m in. Cheers! Guys! What’s the plan? This is the blue print. The colour of Shreya’s face should glow exactly
like this after the colour is applied on her. And what do I have to do? – Just look cute.
– Just look cute. Now. Coming to the plan. During every Holi, Shreya hides in her room
and plans the attack. We have to reach her before she reaches us. Now! There are three stages starting from Shreya’s
main gate till her room. First stage – Her mother. Who will never allow us to enter
in coloured clothes because she’s a freak. Huh? – Cleanliness freak.
– Oh. So our task is, until we
reach Shreya’s house, we’ve to make sure that we don’t
allow anyone to put colour on us. Have you lost your mind? I hope you know that there’s an entire house
between yours and Shreya’s house. Staying clean is impossible. She’s right. How is it going to happen? Guys, ready!
1. 2. 3. Go. Come on! Guys, I’m out. All the best. – Happy Holi, aunty!
– Happy Holi, aunty! It’s not colour aunty, it’s just blood. Check. Okay. Please come in.
What will you have? – Some juice.
– Okay. – And what else would you have?
– Do you have sweets? – Yes.
– Which sweet do you have? Whichever you want. Well-well-well-well. Second stage of the plan –
Shreya’s older brother. Neither could he put colour on
his sister… …nor does he let anybody
else do so. Look who’s here? Yes. Look who is here. Would you like a Breezer with me? Got to know Cranberry
Breezer is your favourite. Mine too. Third stage of the plan. Shreya’s dad. Who hates holi because he confused a guy
dyed in colours with his wife and… …kissed him. This creepy thing should
not happen with his kids, that’s why he doesn’t allow
them to play Holi. Not so easily, my dear. They have sent Gujiya for Holi. Really? Uncle’s favourite sweet. He forgets everything while having Gujiyas. He even forgot how much money he had in
his pocket when he moved to the city. And how will this reach uncle? By sending him your homemade sweets. Oh! Uncle! May I leave? Shreya, open the door! Shreya! Shreya, open the door! Open the door otherwise
I’ll have to break it. Anyways it won’t break.
You will have to open it. Shreya! Okay, then. You brought this upon yourself. You really thought it was
going to be this easy? Brother! Are you also involved with them? Not exactly but Ruby agreed
to go on a date with me… …so I joined them. Dear, run… You? Aren’t you a little late? It was our plan all along to carry a
change and meet you in the bathroom. Let’s Live Life In Colour! Where were you running away? Happy Holi! Make her sit. I told you! We can reach her,
get her out of her corner… …and put colours on her after
shampooing and removing oil.

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