How an iPod Can Ruin Your Wedding

How an iPod Can Ruin Your Wedding

Q: We’re looking to save a bit of money
on our wedding and we’re wondering if we should go with an iPod and playlist for our wedding
reception or instead take the budget from elsewhere to hire a DJ. What would you recommend? A: I think the best place for you to start
is by asking yourself how important having a dance party at your wedding is. Are you
hoping to be dancing onto the wee hours of the morning, or do you see the music as taking
more of a backseat and providing some nice ambience while your guests mingle?
This is really important. If you definitely want to see your guests up and dancing at
some point in evening if not for a good portion it, I strongly recommend you go with a professional
DJ. Music has the power to really make or break
a wedding party. Going the iPod route can mean long periods of silence or awkward song
choices that can lead to a very lonely looking dance floor. You’ll have drunk friends stopping
songs halfway through, guests with a varying music tastes making decisions for everyone,
not to mention things going sideways very quickly when batteries fail or speakers are
knocked over. A professional on the other hand has the knowledge
and skill to really keep your party bumping. They know how to read a crowd and play the
right songs so that when your Aunty Jenny wants to get up and dance there’s a song
appropriate for her, and at the same time they know the perfect moment for a slow song
or for the latest pop hit. So if you determined that yes, this is a really
important aspect of your wedding reception, then it’s an area that shouldn’t be overlooked.
If it means giving up something else to fit it within your budget then I highly recommend
that you do it. Your guests are going to remember the rocking the dance floor way
more clearly than they will the specialty table linens that you had. Hire yourself a professional,
I promise you won’t regret it.

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  1. I love this video. Do you mind if I share it?

  2. I agree!  And not only that, your DJ at your wedding is also your MC most of the time!  Half of your wedding reception is the cocktail hour, dinner hour and formalities.  So a professionally trained MC is also important to the success of your reception.  Plus most of the time I'm also acting as the Reception Director, making sure everything is running as planned, as the bride has better things to do that day.  Finally – Equipment.  Just because you have a lot of music doesn't mean you have the necessary equipment to provide proper sound support at a venue.  You need more than your home stereo system!  And don't forget the wireless mic!

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