How Bad is a $3 iPhone X Case?

How Bad is a $3 iPhone X Case?

Oh my gosh oh no, no we broke the phone. So the iPhone 10 costing a minimum of a thousand dollars this year Everyone that I’ve seen that picked one of these up Has it in a case and it kind of didn’t make sense to me until now so what I wanted to do is pick up some dope cases Different iphone cases at three different price points one that costs three bucks on Amazon with prime and kind of see how bad is a three dollar IPhone X case so if you guys want to check out any of these cases I’ll leave a link down below But real quick on the iPhone 10 so the iPhone 10 has a glass back and a glass front This is new this year They had it in the past, but they just added it back now if you don’t pick up after care for your iPhone X Which I recommend you do trust me. I wish I had Apple care for my arm. I hurt my other arm Not the left one that I broke last year the right arm. I think it’s fractured Bad news there wish there was Apple care for that, but if you don’t at the Apple Care for your iPhone X And let’s say you break the back the back of it the back glass it shatters It’s gonna cost you five hundred and fifty bucks to replace it. That’s half the cost of the phone That is way more than they’ve charged for any other iPhone replacement in the past Let’s say you break the front got the camera fired up here It’ll cost you 280 bucks to replace it that is absurd so you pretty much need to check out a case And that’s what I want to kind of figure out in this video is how? Different are three different iPhone cases at three different price points so starting off. We have the most expensive case here This is the Swarovski iPhone 10 case, and I picked us up at Best Buy for 85 bucks That was that Best Buy saw and I was like. This is a must cop so through the iPhone X Let’s open this up definitely got some premium packaging and one thing about Swarovski is I’m saying that right right Kyle Swarovski right Swarovski Schwartz from Swarovski all right, I’m gonna say it’s Swarovski one thing about these Swarovski cases is they have crystals in and that’s kind of what the Swarovski brand is known for they make really luxurious Jewelry ornaments my mom picks them up every year for Christmas and on the back. You can immediately see we have crystals. It’s real That’s what Swarovski is known for and it’s this two piece iPhone 10k design, so let’s install our iPhone 10 I got the grayscale feature turned on drop a like in this video if you I’m gonna do a challenge seeing how long an IPhone with greyscale turned on will last for I’m thinking like at least a week But let me know if you guys want to see it pretty nice you got access to your buttons on the side your ports camera on the back
I mean it’s pretty basic stuff, so we’re gonna do on all three of these cases is compare durability the grip enos And how well it slides in and out of the pockets so with this case here grip enos. I’d say it’s pretty solid It’s not gonna fall and slip out of your hands and with the crystals on the back They just add for more grip enos. I kind of like it though I dig it feels nice in the hand and with this I like rubber on the side here. Oh Wait yeah, baby yeah, baby So it has this kind of lip which when you set the phone down to lay on the table protection is something I have loved for years about some iPhone cases the glass isn’t actually touching the table or whatever surface you put it down on so That’ll keep your glass scratch free. I like it alright Let’s slide it in and out of the pocket geez alright So got some jeans here BAM put the iPhone 10 in there pull it out pretty easy do it again See if it pulls up any lint that’s one thing I really hate about some iPhone 10 cases and honestly some iPhone cases in general not bad alright seems good there So now we’re gonna head on the hall do a drop test with the Swarovski Case on here and see if any crystals fall out so we’re gonna drop testing it with the crystal case the most expensive iPhone case This should hold up with my iPhone 10 if it doesn’t I’m gonna be so upset and yes, this is a real iPhone 10 I’m gonna have to say it forever now check it out. You swipe on down like this is real Like no games here, no games if this breaks. We got Apple carrot soup. We’re chillin Sweet we online alright here. We go, so we’re gonna drop it. I bet a bunch of crystals are gonna fall out three two No no no worst case ever worst case ever this is the biggest joke I’m scared Wow The front glasses Fine Any cracks no. We’re chillin on the back No, cracks. This case is trashed. It’s just gonna fall apart. I Am disappointed most expensive piece of the next case that I picked up is made by this company called tech 21 They’ve been around for a while and this was actually 45 bucks at Target I just kind of wanted to find like a mid-range version. I don’t know how it’s forty five bucks. Maybe it’s cheaper on Amazon I’ll let you guys know in the links below so the iPhone 10. It’s tactical and on the box It’s called the Evo tactical and it can protect from a 10-foot drop We’ll be the judge of that in a second so Got patented flexion pack protection ok so there’s some science behind this one the last one just had some crystals behind it Whew the case is looking good. It’s got a nice rubbery feel I just feel great yo, I’m excited to put my iphone 10 in this one Whoa? That’s nice the grittiness on here I would say it’s way better than the Swarovski one and this is half the price ok Buttons feel nice and tactile can easily press them you could even hear that I’m digging that ports are really easy. It’s pretty simple I’m digging this nice and minimal lay on the table protection BAM. Just like that. We didn’t do the drop test yet We’re gonna try it with the pocket now slide it in there Pulling it out pretty easy no Lintz coming up. Let’s try it again Pretty easy no it just glides in and out of the pocket. That’s pretty nice overall I’d say the case is good kind of expensive But the real test is gonna be the drop test so back out in the hall we go so the most expensive item Akane’s led us down We’re gonna try it out with the tech21 with now I think it’ll be better this thing feels the most rigid out of all the cases we got Still realize what denim no no worries We’re gonna drop it white why DuPont turn the screen off leave the screen on what I’m doing. We’re gonna drop it in three two See the case did break apart No damage I know this isn’t super scientific We have to do this like a million times to actually prove this case is good or not, but in the real world usage You’re gonna be fine now the moment we’ve all been waiting for the $3.00 iPhone 10 case how bad really is it? To be honest, I don’t think it’s that bad at all so the case it feels really nice definitely reinforced with some inner plastic It’s got a nice white marble backing which looks solid good design. I mean this is basic, but like it’s perfect It’s pretty thick to Turn bend it like no. That’s that’s best firm and tough that’s nice. No. I like that a lot all right Let’s put my iPhone 10 in here now looks good You can definitely tell the edges coming up got lay on the table design You know that’s what we’re all about here, so when you drop it. Just like that I know the phone screens not even gonna be cracked watch it crack. I know God, please no no no No just like that we’re chilling It feels really nice slippery on the back So it’s gonna be flying out of your pocket so be careful when you’re taking it in taking it out should be Shouldn’t have any problems though, so let’s flip it in Eight cases in case is out Case is it okay So and honestly I’ve seen a few other like marvel style iPhone 10 cases on Amazon going for double or triple So right now this thing is an absolute Steal treat me if you guys find any other cheaper iPhone cases that you’d want me to test out I don’t think it gets much cheaper than three bucks like this is a steal. Okay, so feels really nice looks pretty solid but you know the real test out in the hall we go we’re gonna give it a few drops and see if A three dollar case will protect your iPhone 10 if it does It’s not bad at all now the moment we’ve all been waiting for testing out the $3.00 iPhone case don’t let me down All right, I probably just got sick again. Don’t let me down Here we go Jumping on in still the same phone Baby here we go three two one It is looking like We’re good, no cracks on the front we have to check the back now cuz it is made of glass That looks good, too I can’t believe it the $3.00 iPhone case actually is amazing so after all the tests were done I’m actually pretty surprised by the $85 crystal Swarovski case and how much it sucked the phone just literally Separated from the second portion of the case in a real world situation your phone’s definitely get scratched If not cracked like I do this out in the parking lot see you later – this iPhone 10 What was really solid though is the tech21 case? I didn’t know how good this would be when I picked it up It was definitely on the more expensive side, but it’s got some nice ridges in the side It feels like it’s reinforced feels really nice and grippy, and it looks pretty hot, too But the real winner of this video is the $3.00 iPhone 10 case this thing is surprisingly thick Pretty durable and in that drop it hit the edge and the iPhone 10 is fine So this is the one to pick up the $3.00 iPhone 10 case is not bad at all That’s pretty much it for this video make sure you get subscribed and you turn Notifications if you’re new and let me know in the comments if you guys are just joining the notice squad Make sure you follow me on Instagram So you guys don’t miss anything hanging out here with the crew and you’re checking out the instance story And I’ll see you guys later. Bye

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