How do you like them apples?

Hey what’s up everybody? The tech world is all a buzz after Apple’s announcement yesterday. New hardware coming: iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches. Of course, you can get all of that on the network that more people rely on Verizon. George is joining me now to talk about all of the news that came out yesterday. George, you’re super pumped, you’re excited. Apple events are awesome! My year begins and ends with Apple events and this one was no different. We’ve got the iPhone 11, the new iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Three cameras on the Pro, two on the iPhone 11. Amazing 4K video in 60fps. We got night mode finally so we can do some great low light photography. And these are powerful amazing little phones. They are. I love the selfie slow mo too, can’t wait to try that out. Now, who are these phones meant for? These are meant for everybody. Mom, Dad, sister, brother. It’s also meant for the mobile workforce. The A13 chip is extremely powerful, you can get all your documents and your word processing done on your phone as well as sharing these amazing photos you create from your architecture site, your construction site, anywhere. And who can forget the new iPad as well. Yea, it’s powerful enough you don’t even need a laptop anymore. So much functionality. iOS 13 does a lot and I know everybody’s asking you when can they get these devices? Well the good news is pre-order open up this Friday, September 13 for all three phones, and they’ll be in stores on the 20th. We’ll have more information on the Apple Watch and the iPads down the line. We also have some great promos to announce as well as a new contest where people can make a wish at 11:11 and possibly win a new iPhone 11. That is awesome. All the details on George, thanks so much. Thank you sir. I appreciate it. Now, employees, I know you want to know when I can I get my hands on these devices? Well, we have to wait for customers to get theirs first and as soon as that’s available we will let you know. But, we’ll tell you later this week about a new contest where you can possibly win one of these phones for yourself. More to come on that. And finally we want to reflect. Everyone remembers that Tuesday morning 18 years ago. We’ll never forget the people and stories from 9/11. Verizon lost three V Teamers during the attacks. Take some time today to remember and honor them along with all those we lost on that day.

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