How fast can you open an iPod Classic? iPod Battery replacement with iSesamo Opening Tool

How fast can you open an iPod Classic? iPod Battery replacement with iSesamo Opening Tool

The first time I opened my iPod Classic, it
took me almost one hour and I did it all wrong! But, now, I know how to do it! I guess… So I want to try again! Will it be easier? How fast can I open an iPod Classic? Two years ago, I did a full upgrade on my
iPod Classic it was not easy at all, I had some real bad
luck doing it! If you didn’t watch it, you should: it became the most explosive hit of my channel! So many comments! A lot of people still love their iPods – Including
my wife: and she also wanted a new battery for her
iPod Classic. This time I was quite confident that I wouldn’t
brake it and that I could open it much faster. Would you bet? Ready… set… Go! This time, I only used the iSesamo blade and
some guitar picks. I knew how the clips worked and where they
were. But, watching the time-lapse, it gets clear
that I am still fresh at opening iPods. I hope it discourages you to keep asking me
if I would do it for money! Even though I thought I had already disarmed
the top clip, I hadn’t. I did a second pass with the blade… and,
eventually, I could disarm one of the sides completely
and the iPod is open! So much better! 8 minutes. Replacing the battery is very easy – you can
do it in a minute. And if you would do the SD-Card upgrade, removing
the Hard Disk is also not difficult, you just need to be
careful. But I will put the Hard Disk back in place because this iPod would only accept the maximum
of 128 GB SD Card and the original hard disk is 160 Gigs Also, my wife enjoys the feel of the disk
spinning actually, me too… this is something I miss
after my upgrade. Everything back together it less than 20 minutes. But… Can we get even better? I tried to find a volunteer here in Madrid to provide me with a 6th gen iPod Classic that was never opened before… but I couldn’t find one. So this is my own iPod Classic, yeah, that
one that gave me a hard time. But now, instead of only one iSesamo tool,
I will use 6 blades! There is a good reason to re-open it: I want to replace the battery again, I’ll
explain why in a minute. I realised there is a reason why the original
iSesamo opening tool costs more than the 5 generic blades I recently
bought: the iSesamo is far better: it is thinner,
sharper, and it gets in much easier. If you can buy it, the original iSesamo blades are really worth the money. Ok… as you can see… it already took me
more than 20 minutes just to open my iPod. I have two things to say in my defense: 1st, the thin iPod is harder to open than
the thicker ones. and 2nd, the rubber glue I used on the right
side is really strong. Here comes my new battery… and from now on, I’ll use far less glue than I did in the past. Everything is working fine and It will rest
for 24 hours until the glue hardens. So far, 8 minutes was my best time opening
an iPod Classic. About the iFlash upgrade, you guys asked the
following questions: “I guess it is not heavy anymore” “Is there any weight changes with the SD Card?” And the answer is: Yes, the original Hard
Disk was heavier than the iFlash + SD Card. My iPod now weighs only 100g! 40 grams less than its original weight. 28% lighter and you feel it! “The SD Card shouldn’t spend more energy
than a Hard Drive does, right?” “How much more battery life are you getting?” With an SD Card, the iPod should have a longer
battery life. It makes perfect sense and on the iFlash website
there is a detailed comparison testing each type of storage, and on the very
best scenario it should be possible to listen to almost
50 hours! It depends a lot on the exact model of SD-Card
you pick take a look how different it can be! That was certainly not my case and that is
why I changed the battery again, looking for a better quality one. Maybe in the future I might even try other
SD-Cards, pursuing the best possible combination of
battery and low-power SD-Card for a super long play-back
autonomy. Right now, I am happy again. At least now it looks more like the original
battery. When I measure it, I’ll put the exact time
it in the description. Now, there are some very interesting new batteries: very thin, but wider and taller, fitting the
whole iPod case space. These 3000mAh batteries would, in theory, more than triple the battery life of your
iPod… Here is a video of a guy installing one of
these batteries. And my previous iPod video that you should
watch if you didn’t. Check the description for links and additional
information. I’ll see you soon and thanks for watching! [bip] to provide me a 6sss [bip] provite me a 6thttthhsh a 6thtsh generation iPod Classic that was never opened before

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  1. It seems I am getting better at opening the iPod Classic… well, just a bit 🙂 Also, you guys asked some very good questions about the iFlash upgrade – it is worth answering them on the video as well.

    I am so amazed by the love you all showed in the comments on my 1st iPod video: the gift stories, how many still use their iPods in cars, the paradox of keeping broken iPods in drawers forever (most people will never fix them, but they cannot throw them away either!). Lots of fun, love and sometimes tragedy! I swear I read at least 95% of all the comments – I love them!

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    Using 2 thin metal tools, one an actual iSesamo tool and the other a similar tool from iFlash, along with a solid non-flexible metal spudger, I managed to open BOTH in about 3 minutes!! So… ProTip- Pop the top clip, leave the tool holding in the top clip spot, then move to the top righthand clip with the 2nd tool. Once they are both popped, put the metal spudger in the gap at the top of the iPod, and go after the next clips on the righthand side. BOOM!! I would not try to do it blind folded or anything, but with the right tools and a little patience, anybody should be able to open a 7th Gen iPod in just a few minutes.

    Thanks for your great videos, and for the SOLID advice on getting and using an iSesamo or similar metal "slim-jim". Two thumbs up!!!

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  30. Great video. I opened an iPod I bought on eBay, it was never used and the battery was useless soon after I got it. It took me around or less than ten minutes. I despair when I seen so many people use metal knives to open the iPod classic. I found the toothpick great and what I used to to keep the tabs open was yoghurt carton cut in to stripes and it worked a teach. No damage to the iPod. I was very proud to get it open first time.
    Big note to all make sure you buy the correct battery thickness I got one which is too thick. If your iPod is 11mm or .43 inch then you need a thin battery. Get on a open it safely with a yoghurt carton they taste great too.

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