How to Backup & Restore iPhone from iCloud! [2018]

In this video you’ll learn how to backup
and restore iPhone using iCloud. So, let’s begin! Hello Friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Today first we will see how to properly backup
iPhone to iCloud, then we will reset iPhone to factory settings and then we will restore
it using iCloud. In case you bought a new iPhone and you want
to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone, you would be following the same procedure. So to backup iPhone to iCloud, Launch SETTINGS. Tap on your NAME. Select iCloud. Scroll down, select iCloud Backup. And put this toggle ON. Hit OK. And now hit this BACK UP NOW option. Now this should start backing up your iPhone
to iCloud. There is a dedicated video on my channel regarding
iCloud backup. I’ll put the links in the cards above. That video will show you what does iCloud
backup include and why you should backup to iCloud. So, if you wish, you can check that out. And now, we have successfully backed up iPhone
to iCloud. So, now I’m gonna go back and reset this
iPhone to factory settings. If you just bought a new iPhone, you don’t
need to set it to factory settings. Just turn it on and you’ll see the similar
setup as we are going to see after resetting this iPhone to factory settings. So the setup process would be similar. So now, to reset this iPhone to factory settings, select GENERAL. Scroll all the way down and select RESET. And here you have to hit this ERASE ALL CONTENT
AND SETTINGS. Here, select ERASE NOW. Now input your iPhone passcode. Hit ERASE iPHONE. Again hit ERASE iPHONE. Now Input Apple ID Password and hit ERASE. This will reboot your iPhone. Then it’ll show you that HELLO message. You need to press the Home Button. Then select the language. Then select your Country. And now let’s setup this iPhone manually. Select KeyBoard Language and hit NEXT. Now choose the Wi-Fi network. Input password and hit JOIN. Now hit NEXT. Tap CONTINUE. Now setup Touch ID or Face ID depending on
your iPhone model. And hit CONTINUE. Now create 6 digit passcode for your iPhone. Re-enter your passcode. And here is the screen we were waiting for. Here you need to choose RESTORE FROM iCLOUD
BACKUP. Enter your Apple ID, And hit NEXT. Now input Apple ID Password and hit NEXT again. Now tap AGREE. And now this should show you all the backups
available in your iCloud account. So, you need to choose the latest one. We have only one here. So we will select this one. And hit CONTINUE. Here, I’ll hit INSTALL UPDATES MANUALLY. Here CONTINUE. And we will setup SIRI later on in Settings. Now DON’T SHARE App Analytics. And then its gonna start restoring your iPhone
from iCloud. Then it’ll reboot your iPhone, Input your passcode, And you’ll see that
your iPhone is downloading apps from the App Store. Well, your App Data is already stored in iCloud. It only downloading the Applications from the
App Store. So, just wait until it finishes the downloading
process. And keep the iPhone connected to the Wi-Fi network. Once it is done, you’ll see that you’ve
recovered all the data from your iCloud Backup. You’ll not lose any of your data. All the data will be restored to your new
iPhone via this iCloud Backup. So that’s how you guys can easily backup
your iPhone to iCloud and Restore that data whenever it is needed. And that’s all for today! If you guys liked this video, do share it
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