How to Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

How to Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I want to show you how to transfer from your current phone to a new iPhone 11
iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 Pro max now this will show you how to transfer
step-by-step from your device and bring everything along with you now this
method will bring over everything this is the official way to do this according
to Apple and as you can see here I have an iPhone XR which is the older one
and an iPhone 11 and I’ve already transferred information with this one
and you can see that it brings over everything even the app layout so not
only does it bring over the app layout but it brings over all data from your
messages from your mail it signs in your email accounts occasionally you’ll have
to put in your password but most of the time you will not it’s it carries over
all the data from almost every single application including music and
everything you’ve saved in here so you won’t lose any information including
your photos and there’s three different ways that you can backup and restore now
and the newest method is a direct data transfer so just make sure you’re on the
latest version and you can do the direct data transfer otherwise you’ll need to
use iTunes or iCloud now the direct transfer method is typically the fastest
especially if you have a slow internet connection so I recommend that to most
people and I’ll show you how to do that in a moment but if you have an older
phone that’s older than iOS 12 for example you’ll need to either use iCloud
or iTunes so if you use iTunes that’s pretty simple you just plug your phone
into a lightning port then into a Mac or Windows computer use iTunes to backup
and then restore however there’s two easier methods one is iCloud like I said
and make sure you have an iCloud backup first if you’re going to use iCloud so
go to settings then tap on your name then tap on iCloud and here you can see
how much storage you have and right now I have 2 terabytes available because I
pay for the top-tier if you have a full account where you can’t backup anymore
then you can either pay for more storage for the month use iTunes like I said or
use the direct data transfer which is the best but just make sure you have a
backup and you can check for a backup here if you’re going to use the iCloud
method and here it will tell you the last time
it was backed up so just make sure that its current so now let me show you how
to directly transfer from one phone to another so we’ll go to the new phone and
we’ll turn it off and back on unlock it and immediately on the left it should
pop up and say do you want to set up a new phone and it should have your Apple
ID in that so go ahead and click continue it will connect and now you’ll
have to hold your phone on the onion my left hand here which is the older phone
and just line it up with this little ball of whatever this is pixels here and
you’ll see it says connecting so now we’ll go ahead and put in the passcode
from our current phone on the new one so this is the same passcode if face ID
doesn’t work or touch ID doesn’t work once the passcode is in it’ll say
setting up your phone so just be patient it can take a little bit and then we’ll
go to the next step now we’ll activate your phone and many of you are going to
ask do I need to put my sim card in before or after really nowadays it
doesn’t matter you can put it in now you can put it in later it doesn’t matter
I’m going to put it in after everything’s transferred over and then
I’m going to tell you how to delete the phone because if you want to give away
your old phone sell it or trade it in do not delete the phone individually as far
as photos and things like that you want to wipe it all at once or you’ll lose
your information because they sync so go ahead and setup face ID on the new phone
we’ll hit get started and then all you need to do is put your face in the
camera and then move your head around it scans your face and recognizes only you
unless you have a twin then that can change then just try in the other
direction or the same direction it doesn’t really matter I just do it that
way it says it’s set up now so we’ll hit continue now I would suggest
transferring from iPhone now you can do an iCloud restore like I showed you with
that backup and that’s just a precaution or a different way to do it or other
options will allow you to transfer through iTunes but I suggest you hit
transfer from phone it says forty to fifty minutes but I find this to be
faster than that so we’ll tap on transfer from phone it’s
going to set up my Apple ID from my old to my new phone and it will carry all of
your Apple ID information with it including passwords if you have those
saved now as you can see it says keep this iPhone near your new phone while
your information is transferred so they talk directly to one another it
basically sets up a wireless connection between the two phones and transfers the
information from the old to the new so it can take a little bit of time now
here we need to accept the terms and conditions if we don’t agree we can’t
use it and then also we have some other settings as well that it wants us to set
up first so if you don’t want to use Siri you don’t have to I allow it to use
Siri and things like maps to use my locations and then also I share
analytics with Apple so that means they send information anonymously if you have
a crash maybe an application doesn’t work but we’ll hit continue then we can
install updates manually or continue I’d rather have them manually so I can check
for them I don’t want them to install in the background now here’s where we
update Apple pay this is the one thing where we will have to Rivera fie our
credit cards with our credit card company or bank accounts I’ll set this
up later and then if you have an Apple watch such as this one and you want to
move it over to the new phone go ahead and hit continue or you can set that up
later and then here’s app analytics and you can share this with developers or
you don’t have to I’m not going to share for now you can do it later if you want
to it’s really up to you either way doesn’t really matter now you can see it
says transferring data from Aaron’s iPhone XS Max and you’ll see it changed
over here and it says transferring data to iPhone so we’ll just let this
transfer and it may take a while but all of our information should move now what
it’s going to do is after it’s done transferring it will start installing
the apps so it moves all the information from the apps and then it downloads the
apps so I’ll show you what I mean once this parts done now as you can see here
it says time remaining about two hours I find this varies greatly it went to
three hours and came back to two hours it just depends what it’s doing normally
it’s about 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much data you have on your car
phone now as you can see it says transfer complete on the old phone and
then on the new phone it has rebooted and you’ll see we’ve got the Apple logo
so it’ll take just a minute and restart now it has taken about 40 minutes or so
to transfer everything but I did have almost 100 gigabytes of data and you’ll
see it says before you trade in or give away or sell this phone you should
completely erase it by going to settings and choosing erase all content and
settings this is like I showed you at the beginning you do not want to go into
photos and delete them individually that will actually transfer over to the new
phone if you have iCloud photos turned on you want to wipe this phone
completely and you won’t lose anything on the new phone but just make sure the
new phone is all set so let’s check it out
we’ll put in our passcode and now it’s going to reboot here or restore our
information and again after you’ve transferred everything over just make
sure that they look the same now at first your information will actually
transfer as you’re using it in real time for example if you’re using iMessage and
you message someone that message will show on the new phone so you don’t want
to delete them here as it will transfer over and delete it from your new phone
so just wipe this phone so once it’s wiped you can sell it whatever you want
turn off Find My Phone and you’re good to go now once the phone has rebooted it
will have the same wallpaper as it did before let’s go ahead and swipe up to
unlock here and there we go now it’s asking me if I want to use this device
when sharing your location and yes you do now that you have your old phone gone
you want to use this phone for your location and you’ll see all of the apps
are dimmed and waiting to install the actual information has moved over but
the apps themselves are not there so it will take a little bit it’s going to
move everything over and you’ll be good to go all the stock apps will be there
and all of the same information will be here so you’ll see all of the apps are
there in the same location all of the information is transferring and it takes
a little while and this depends on your internet connection so you can move your
SIM card now you’re ready to go and give it some time because if you have a lot
of photos and a lot of data it’s gonna take a while to go from here to here
with iCloud and everything depending how you’re using that but everything
should be there now if you’re nervous about that don’t wipe your phone yet
make sure everything transfers before you go ahead and erase the old phone and
get rid of it or give it away or sell it or whatever you’re doing it’s okay to
use both at the same time I use them at the same time all the time
and all of the information is on both so don’t worry about that it will all be
here that’s it as far as transferring all of your information hopefully that
helped you it’s pretty simple and straightforward once you’ve learned how
to do it it’s simple the next time but all of your information should be there
I’m still installing all the apps but all of your information will be there
when it’s done but let me know what you think in the comments below if you have
any other questions I do try and answer them if I can and hopefully I can help
if you have any of those extra questions if you haven’t subscribed already though
please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see
more of these videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please
give it a like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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