How To Change Youtube Profile Picture On Phone IOS & ANDROID 2020

How To Change Youtube Profile Picture On Phone IOS & ANDROID 2020

– [Instructor] In this
video I’m gonna show you how you can change your
YouTube profile picture in 2020 and beyond without
using your computer. So you can do this on your
iPhone or on your Android device. So what you’re wanna do,
you wanna open YouTube, and you wanna go to your profile. So when you open YouTube,
it’s gonna look like this. You wanna click on your profile icon and click on Your Channel. Then next up you wanna
click on the Edit icon, which is right there,
or the Settings icon. And then, next up you
wanna click right there on the three little dots and
click on Help and Feedback. Now, next up, you can
actually describe your issue. So you can type in Profile
Picture or like, Profile, and then you will see
Manage Your Channel Icon. So click right there on
Manage Your Channel Icon and then, next up they’re gonna
take you to a support page. And then, on here you can actually click on Google Account Settings,
click on just once. And then right there you can
actually change your icon. So you can do that by
clicking right there, and then you can upload a photo. Now I’m just gonna go through my files. Let’s see if I can actually find a photo. Now I can just select a random picture. Let me just go with, let’s see. I’ll just go with this right there, which is a random photo. And that’s exactly how
you can actually change your YouTube profile
picture on your phone, and this works on Android and also on iOS. So let me just do this. Let me just zoom in a bit. And then, I can pretty
much click right there, and I just wait. It’s gonna update right
now, and there you go. I just uploaded a new
profile picture to my account without using my computer. I just did it with my phone,
and you can do this as well. As you can see right
there, it actually worked. Now, if this video helps you out, make sure you go ahead and
smash the Like button right now. I would appreciate that. That’s all I’m gonna ask for in return. So, yeah, that’s it,
smash the Like button, and I’ll see you next time, peace out.

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