How To Clean And Disinfect Your iPhone Properly

How To Clean And Disinfect Your iPhone Properly

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I wanted to show you how to clean and disinfect your iPhone since it’s one of
the dirtiest places since you’re touching it all day it’s in your pocket
it’s in contact with different surfaces and so I thought I’d show you how to
properly clean it according to Apple Apple has just recently updated their
information on what you can do to actually clean or disinfect your device
so I want to show you how to do that now in the past I would only recommend
something like this I clear this is something I’ve used for years to clean
my phone before making a video or just clean it regularly and this has designed
for phones and screens and things like that and most of the time I’ve said to
avoid things like isopropyl alcohol on your display because it can damage the
oleophobic coating but recently Apple has updated their website to say that
you can use isopropyl alcohol that’s just normal rubbing alcohol it may be
called something else in different countries but it’s normal normal rubbing
alcohol you can use to disinfect things it will take care of about 99% of things
as far as disinfecting or you can also now use Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes
according to Apple now you can do that but there’s a couple different ways you
need to do that in order not to damage the display so the first thing you’ll
need to do is get a soft clean lint-free towel or cloth and then also make sure
the device is unplugged now once it’s unplugged you’re good to go so what you
want to do though is you want to avoid excessive wiping which means you don’t
want to scrub the display and the reason you don’t want to do that is again you
want to try to avoid taking off the oleophobic coating or the coating that
prevents your fingerprints from showing up from the oil on your fingers
it means it’s oil phobic or afraid of oil so it goes away so you want to just
take say this 70% isopropyl alcohol or again a Lysol wipe or something like
that squirt a little bit on there and then just wipe the phone down quickly
you don’t want to keep scrubbing the phone now if you have a screen protector
on there you can be less concerned about that but you don’t want to use anything
abrasive just go around the phone real quick you can see there’s liquid on
there go around it real quick disinfect your phone and you should be good to go
as far as that goes you want to do the same with a Lysol
wipe or a Clorox wipe you don’t want to leave anything on there and one thing
you definitely do not want to use is any raised directly on the on the phone so
you don’t to spray the phone or anything like that or get it into any ports and
you also don’t want to use bleaches hydrogen peroxide or other abrasives
that might scratch the phone so those things you definitely do not want to use
on the phone according to Apple and again don’t spray directly into the
ports now if you do want to clean the ports such as the earphone or the bottom
speakers and microphone you can do that with a q-tip or a couple other ways so
if you have a q-tip here like this and you just want to put a little bit of the
rubbing alcohol on it then you just clean out the ports the best you can
like this now if you have a bunch of dirt in there or dust and things that
you can’t get out you can use a couple different things to do that some people
have suggested using sticky tack which is stuff you to hang things on the wall
with that won’t leave residue behind so you can just press that in here and I’ll
link some of this in the description as well but just press it in there that
should take care of it and then if you want to clean out the Lightning port you
can do that as well now if you go to an Apple store 99% of
the time you’ll see them clean it out with a SIM card removal tool I don’t
know that I would suggest that because there’s metal pins in there and you have
to be extremely careful so you don’t want to force anything in there and in
fact I would suggest maybe using a toothpick or something like that very
gently but basically you just want to go in and across and that’s it just lift
out and you’ll usually get a little bit of lint from inside the Lightning port
but normally I would suggest using a toothpick or something along those lines
to keep it clean and so that will clean everything off
and then of course put it back in a case or if you’re not using a case just clean
it regularly and so that will keep your phone nice and clean and disinfected
people often ask me how do I keep my phone so clean before videos and things
like that well it’s generally because I’m wiping
it down with a cleaner like I clear or another one there are some new cleaners
on the market that will actually disinfect as well and I’m sure you’ll
probably see more and more of those going forward but I’ll link some of
those you don’t have to use this one this one sort of leaves a film on there
as well but it’s not a disinfectant so if you want to make sure that it’s nice
and germ-free as much as possible of course you could just use a normal
alcohol wipe as well if you have those have access to
those or a Clorox white would work just as fine as well but that’s it pretty
simple and straightforward if you have any other questions though let me know
in the comments below and let me know what you use to clean your phone as well
you should be doing this regularly I would say do it daily as I do just to
keep everything clean and then make sure of course you wash your hands after you
do that and then everything will be nice and clean and you’ll prevent spreading
any sort of germs and things like that but let me know what you do to clean
your phone in the description below and how often you do and of course if you’d
like to get your hands on this wallpaper I’ll link it in the description as I
always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you
enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is
Aaron I’ll see you next time

74 thoughts on “How To Clean And Disinfect Your iPhone Properly

  1. Apple updated their information on how to clean your iPhone to prevent the spread of Germs and Viruses. In this video I show you how to clean your iPhone properly. How often do you clean you phone? Thanks for watching!

  2. Thanks a lot Aaron. Informative as always xD

  3. thx….cell phones are the dirtiest things….#corollaviru$

  4. Usually clean once a day at nighttime I like using ikear too. I use rubbing alcohol for my AirPods and underneath of my watch.

  5. How to clean ? Buy a NEW one !

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  9. I disinfect in my Lumin UV machine.

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  11. I used the sim card removal pin and my 11 pro got slightly scratched 🙁

  12. The toothpick is actually more dangerous than the sim card remover.

  13. Something equivalent to lysol. Always good to disinfect your phone (worm infection, germs or viruses they bring etc)

  14. Is there a way to get oleophobic coating back? Are there oleophobic liquids or such stuff in the market?

  15. do those apply to android as well? am confused

  16. Instead of Q-tips, use a toothbrush for cleaning out speakers and microphone.

  17. I don’t get it. I’m the only person who uses my phone. I wash my hands multiple times a day. Why are people cleaning their cell phones like they’re used by the public? If someones cell phone is that dirty, maybe they should start with cleaning themselves first. It ain’t that serious.

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  22. I was using Clorox wipes before any of this started. Even though it’s your phone, you still need to clean it. Especially if you’re a parent and you let your kids play with it to distract them. Then you definitely need to clean it.

  23. superb sir loved it keep making these small and informative videos we all love u

  24. I clean my phone at least once a week most of the year. And at least once a day during cold and flu season. I have a screen protector on my iPhone and I’ve always used regular rubbing alcohol to clean the screen. And wipe down the back of the phone as well. Thanks for the update it’s good to know. 👍🏼👍🏼

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  26. Thanks, Aaron. Very helpful and timely.

  27. I use microfiber clothes, alcohol wipes, and a air canister to dry it faster. On occasion I’ll use a tooth pick if my charging ports have lint, but I usually leave it be if the canned air can’t get it

  28. Dude thank you.
    There are many people who need this!

  29. Imagine waiting your entire life to work for Apple. And then your job is to update your coustomers on how to clean and disinfect your Iphone.

  30. I normally used soft toothbrush and perfume

  31. I got a Apple iphone 7 used from my brother that needed a new battery so I replace the battery and it was halfway filled with dust in the charge port I only can plug in the charge port halfway I had to clean it out before I could use the device now it works great

  32. i just wash my phone with soap as and when im washing my hands too

  33. It’s corona time

  34. I’m a religious fanatic! Alcohol is forbidden to me! Any other suggestions?

  35. Best way to clear the ports is to use a can of spray air with a straw attachment. The little straw can get right up into those ports (very carefully) and blow out the dust and dirt from the ports. I have always used Lysol wipes to disinfect my phone. I do this twice weekly and because I have a screen protector on my phone, I have never lost any oleophobic properties.

  36. I used my toothbrush and worked perfectly
    The sound is really improved

  37. I clean my iPhone like this just i don’t have Iklear here and use the Alcohol you have in the vid,Great video btw

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  43. I just use alcohol wipes and wipe my entire phone. I also use my phone less as to not keep touching it. wash your hands and buy Lysol everyone! Be safe!

  44. Lens wipes daily/ Clorox wipes after I wash my hands first before cleaning phone. Thanks for the video!! 🙌 I have a screen protector on my phone.

  45. can i use ethyl alcohol?

  46. Thank you kindly, sir. 😊🙏

  47. I am using 60 % alcohol to clean iPhone.

  48. As a doctor in the UK, I use a bit of hibiscrub (surgical scrub) and wipe, leaves it smelling lovely! Then use this on my phone case and dry with paper towels.
    Just using rubbing alcohol for a few seconds will not kill bacteria or viruses, must be used for 30-90 seconds depending on the bacteria/viruses targeted.

  49. I purchased a phone soap device. It uses UV light to disinfect without doing any damage to the screen.

  50. I clean it every time i return home

  51. I use a tooth pick 👍 as apple car play stops working if it’s not kept clean 🧼 and clean it with glasses wipes or anti bacterial wipe 👍 have a great day

  52. I clean my phone everyday now I’m able to use alcohol I’m glad apple has approved that it’s ok to use on iPhones

  53. Use Sreenprotector yes or No ?

  54. Aaron thank you for this important demonstration….I too do something similar😀. I use Clorox wipes to clean the case separately then I gently wipe my iPhone with a new Clorox wipe.

    It’ll be cool, if you would please consider doing a demonstration like that on the Apple Watch as well .

    I’ve noticed, lots of ugly 😱 dirt gets around the bottom ring of the Watch + what gets on the band itself, so that’s like a nasty business I see on my Watch.😬

    Of course everyone’s activities or line of work is different, so I just wanted to share from my own experience.

    Thanks again for the great videos 👍

  55. First off, who are the viewers who consistently give your great tutorials 'thumbs down'? My guess, others who do what you do but not nearly as smooooothly. 
    I use alcohol prep pads. Just the right size, sealed, easy to keep in pocket or car. Your explanation of oleophobic was VERY INSIGHTFUL. Keep 'em coming Aaron.

  56. Can you please do a video on airpods how to clean them AirPods 1 or 2 I really needs mine cleaned but don’t know how please

  57. Hi Aaron, how do you clean your MacBook Pro sreen? Please keep us posted! Thanks

  58. Use ur arm. Done

  59. Zollotech do you think leather cases are a greater risk of spreading diseases than plastic or silicone? I’m thinking about those people with the saddle brown cases that look absolutely disgusting.

  60. I have a case & screen protector on my XR. I clean my phone with a clean, soft terry cloth rag we use to wash the dishes with. Just after filling the sink with hot soapy water for doing dishes, I take the terry cloth rag out of the sink and ring it out very well so it's just damp. I wipe the phone down with the very warm cloth. Does of great lob of cleaning the phone. I do this every time I get home from being away from home.

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  67. Iphone is IP68 protected. So i just washed with soap 🧼 like hand wash 🤪. And always do when i needed

  68. good to know. I defaulted to using clorox wipes a week ago. I was light with it.

  69. My iPhone has corona virus

  70. I have that cleaning towel too 🙂

  71. I have used wipes on my phone every single day for as long as I can remember, especially after work. I remove it from the case and wipe the front (it has a screen protector) and the side buttons. Then thoroughly wipe down the case. Sometimes I even use a different case while out of the house than I do at home.

  72. i clean my iphone daily to be sure the screen looks good and nice to watch videos or text as i hate dirty screen

  73. Do a surgery on iPhone

  74. My iPhone XS is a beast, I literally wash mine with Dial soap and running water. Its ip68 water proof, been doing it for a year and half, still works like new. I do it about once a week.

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