How to Connect Your iPad/iPhone/iPod to Projector/TV/Monitor

How to Connect Your iPad/iPhone/iPod to Projector/TV/Monitor

Hi there, in this video I will be showing
you how to connect your iPad or iPhone or iPod onto a projector or TV or External Display or Monitor.
It is simple, you just need a converter or an adapter as it’s called, Lightning to
Digital AV or VGA, Here I have a lightning to a VGA Convertor. This can be easily done
by plugging it onto your iPad and then plugging the other end to the VGA or HDMI Cable which
goes to the projector. You don’t need a software or anything like that. Suppose you
want to use it on HDMI and VGA Projectors you need to get a separate one and that’s
costly. And here there is an other port for you to connect your iPad to the charger since
this port is used. This is also a lightning port. As this is an original Apple Product
you get 1 year of warranty and I feel this is really useful because I don’t have a
portable MacBook so taking presentations and stuff is really difficult on the go because
I only have a desktop Mac. I can use my iPad and iPhone and just plug this in. Do share
it with others if you think it is good information. Thank you very much for tuning in and God
bless you. Do tune into my other content if you feel it worth and do subscribe so that
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