How to Control iTunes with Your iPhone

How to Control iTunes with Your iPhone

How to Control iTunes with Your iPhone. All you need to remotely access your computer’s
iTunes library is your iPhone. You will need An iPhone or iPod Touch with
software version 2.0 or later A computer with iTunes 7.7 or later and a wireless network. Step 1. On your iPhone, download and install the “Remote”
application at the iTunes App Store. It will allow you to remotely access your
computer’s iTunes library, which can hold a lot more than your iPhone or iPod Touch. Step 2. Open iTunes on your computer and your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone and computer are connected
to the same Wi-Fi network by checking their IP addresses under General Settings. Step 3. Launch Remote on your iPhone and tap “Add
Library” in settings. Your screen will display a four-digit passcode. Step 4. Back in iTunes on your computer, select your
iPhone under the “Device” tab. When prompted, enter the passcode. To access your library via the Remote app,
iTunes must be open on your computer. Step 5. From now on, Remote will automatically connect
your iPhone or iPod touch to iTunes on your computer as long as they are both on the same
Wi-Fi network. Search, play, and shuffle all the music and
videos you have in your computer’s library – from anywhere in your home. Did you know In 2006 Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”
was the first song to top the charts with digital downloads alone – before any actual
CDs were sold.

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  5. i know with remote from app store

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  7. this is awesome i love this lol.

  8. how do you stop someone from controlling ?

  9. so why would you do that when you could just go on the computer itself?

  10. i really wanna iphone but someone can tell me if you an talk on the iphone???

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  12. @nowaybackforme Damn youtube, that dosent work anymore 🙁

  13. @mahan005 you can't delete from your iphone you have to go on itunes from your computer to delete songs/videos

  14. the last bit about gnarls barkley was irrelevant

  15. That guy looks like martin dosh

  16. @CheatShop Because you can be in the next room and change the song or the like, as well as adjust the volume if a song is too loud, etc.

  17. because your stoned as fuck and cba

  18. is that app working with win7 as well or just with the osx?

  19. My computer doesn't use WI-FI!! GOD DAMN!

  20. or u can get logmein on ipod and computer and control ur whole computer,not only itunes

  21. ….. just use a ethernet cable to the router

  22. *Lazy people*

    Like me 😐

  23. For example: I just want to lay in bed and listen to some music. I feel like changing the song on iTunes then I can use Apple Remote and don't have to get up at all. One word: Laziness.


  25. Why would you need a remote for your tv, when you can just go and change the channel on the tv itself?

  26. This seems cool. I don't have that app, but I do have a Music App where my music is copied from iTunes Music Library. Did You Know? Rick Astley was one of the most popular British English singers that I DID have a crush on since I was a child. I heard his dreamy baritone voice by accident when coming home from my grandparents' house a real long time ago after we finished eating dinner. I never stop listening to his music. I talk to my friend all about him, especially when I discover that he would always have muscular strength in his masculine body to lift me up off of the ground while he was in position to carry me in my romantic fantasy. Sorry if I copied you about the Did You Know? things you talk about at the end of the tutorials that are uploaded on YouTube with the name of your channel below the name of the tutorial that's been uploaded.

  27. even works nowadays

  28. You can't delete songs using the remote which sucks.

  29. Relator? VERSION?! Sigh

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