How to Copy Movies From Your Computer to iPhone or iPad or iPod

How to Copy Movies From Your Computer to iPhone or iPad or iPod

In this video, I’m going to show you how to add any movie in any format to your iPhone or iPad without buying any apps. I’m getting ready for a long flight here, so I just wanted to add some movies on the go on my iPhone and to do that, I have borrowed some movies and I had some movies from digital downloads that I got on my computer. So I just want those on my iPhone, so I don’t have to watch it on my laptop. Without the technique I’m going to show you, the only way really to do this is through the iTunes store. You either have to rent or buy a movie through the iTunes store, and it will come in an MP4 format, which is the only way Apple really likes the movie played on their device, and I usually do do it this way, but I had some movies on my computer that I wanted to watch and I have one of my own movies that I made that I wanted to add to my iPhone. So because Apple devices really only like MP4 format, you’ll have to download app. Now this is a completely free app and it’s basically just a media player. So it’s just like quicktime that will play the MP4, before but VLC, this free app, allows you to play any format. So I have some different formats like avi on my computer, so this allows me to play those seamlessly on my iPhone. So this is the very first step, download the VLC app on your mobile device and when you launch it, it will get to this screen that says empty media library after the welcome screen. So we’re going to want to add videos to our media library, and then you’ll do this part on the computer where you have your movie stored or from external hard drive using a computer where these movies are. I’m back to my computer here, and I mean iTunes here and I’m going to make sure my iDevice is connected physically to my computer with a lightning cable in this case and in iTunes I want to make sure I select my iPhone and when I select my iPhone, I’m going to select apps. I want to go to apps here, not movies, movies are where your itunes movies are going to be but this is through apps. Now scroll all the way down and you should see this file sharing section and then click on VLC, and then click on add on the corner and then click your movie wherever you have a stored on your computer. And then it’s going to start copying that movie to your iPhone. You’ll see the progress bar right on top of your iTunes. I’m copying over Louder Than Words, which is a documentary I directed and produced. I’m only doing that because I could then scrub through the movie without any copyright issues, once it transferred over to my phone just to show you that it’s playing completely. Now if you launch the VLC app back in your mobile device, you’ll see the movie right in the app. Now if you transfer three or four movies, you’ll see all of them in the order in which you transfer them. I’m just going to go ahead and scrub through this movie a little bit, so you’ll just see different parts of it just to see that it’s all there and it’s in really high HD quality. That’s the quality which I had this file in, so it transferred the same exact way. This was an MP4, but VLC will play any video format, so if you have a file like an AVI file, this is going to play just fine. So regardless of your movie format with the VLC app, you should be able to play any movie seamlessly right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. When you’re done with the movie and you want to delete it, just press edit, checkmark and then the garbage can right on the bottom and then there you go, empty media library, and you could do the same process to add a new movie. I hope this process worked for you, and hopefully it makes your next flight a little less boring. Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and go ahead and subscribe to this channel for really straightforward How-to videos on all kinds of topics like this one. Have a great day.

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