How to Copy Photos from iPhone or iPad to Computer (Mac or PC)

How to Copy Photos from iPhone or iPad to Computer (Mac or PC)

Hi, this is Kirk for my iMazing! Today I’m
going to tell you how you can easily copy photos from your iPhone or iPad to
your computer. You can take great photos with your iPhone or iPad. You can share
them with friends, or store them in the Cloud. But sometimes you want to copy
photos from your iOS device to your computer, without using the Cloud and
without importing them via iTunes. You may also want to do this, if you’ve lost
photos on your computer and want to recover photos you’ve synced to your iOS
device. With iMazing you can easily drag and drop photos from your iPhone or
iPad to your computer. Let me show you how: Launch iMazing and connect your iOS device. If you’ve already connected a device and it’s available via Wi-Fi,
you’ll be able to use it without a wired connection. Select your device in the iMazing sidebar, then select “Photos”. iMazing displays the photo albums on
your device. You’ll see all photos and you’ll see any albums that you’ve
created. To copy photos from your device, double-click one of the albums. Find the
photos you want to copy, then drag them to your computer. If you want to copy the contents of an
entire album, just drag the album to your computer. iMazing saves the photos in
a folder with that album’s name. If you use iCloud photo library and want to
copy photos that are in the Cloud, you may need to display them on your iOS
device first. After they’ve downloaded to the device, you can copy them to your
compute. If your iPhone or iPad uses Apple’s new HEIC format for photos, iMazing lets you convert the photos to JPEGs on the fly, while it copies them. Or
you can retain the original format. To adjust this setting go to iMazing
Preferences, click “Other Data” and check the option you prefer.

3 thoughts on “How to Copy Photos from iPhone or iPad to Computer (Mac or PC)

  1. Lol

  2. I have 10 Gb of photos in icloud and I want to back them up on my computer so I can clear iCloud. That’s a lot of data: can you tell me what to expect when you say – download them first to my iPhone then use iMazing. How many cycles of loading to iPhone then purging do you think 10gb will take? Is there a better way?

    ALSO- I like the option to download as JPEGs but will this conversion strip the metadata – date and time of shoot, file name? Sometime my photos may have to stand up in court, I don’t want the raw files tampered with.

  3. Free version only allows 50 photos, after that you have to pay at least $49

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