How to create a budget | Forecast spending #iOS

How to create a budget | Forecast spending #iOS

Money Lover budget plan is an easy way to keep tracking your spending behavior Money Lover automatically predict your spending based on what you actually spend and makes it clearly displayed in the chart to use this feature you need to create a budget Money Lover. Here we go Taps “Planning” and choose “Budget” “Add” button is to create a new budget First, select the categories for what budget you like All categories, entertainment, food and beverage etc Select food and beverage for example Set amount of budget for example $500 then Select time range for this budget you can set this week, this month, next month or create your own time range Repeat this budget if you don’t want to change anything here in the future Now everything is done “Save” and you got a Budget $500 for Food and Beverage in a month Every transactions you put in “Food and beverage” will be used… … to predict your spending in the future This section predict what you will spend in the future… based on your past transactions It’s called Forecast spending So when you reach 50, 80, 100 percent or overspend the application will notify you to keep you to stick with your budget plan. You can only create one budget plan in a free version, but unlimited in a premium version Enjoy Money Lover 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to create a budget | Forecast spending #iOS

  1. Great app ever!!!! Well done guys.. Keep moving forward.. (y)

  2. It saves my time and money. (y)

  3. Check out the last blog: How to budget expense

  4. In the free app I t seems that when a budget is created it controls the desired category in a single wallet. Can I set a budget that controls the desired category among all wallets? Example, I want want to set a budget to control shopping no matter what Wallet Ian using; cash, debit card or credit card.

  5. Please make a video how to Add or Delete Category. Thanks!

  6. I have 2 wallets. If I want to set a budget for both wallets. What do I have to do?

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