How to create a Memoji on your iPhone or iPad Pro – Apple Support

How to create a Memoji on your iPhone or iPad Pro – Apple Support

Create your own
customized Memoji and add some fun,
new accessories and features. Let’s get started. In Messages,
tap the Animoji icon. Tap More. Then tap Edit. Now, let’s customize
your Memoji! Start with a cool hair style. Uh, no. Hm. Use the slider
for more color options. Hm… Add a piercing.
Ha-ha! Or two. Or three. Ah! Give yourself a tooth gap. [DING] Add a nice pair
of sunglasses. How about a hat? Don’t forget your AirPods. When you’re finished,
tap Done. Lookin’ good!

29 thoughts on “How to create a Memoji on your iPhone or iPad Pro – Apple Support

  1. I just got a yellow iPhone 11

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  4. So what’s the difference between Memoji and Anemoji Or is it the same thing?

  5. This is really good to show us how to use various features. This will sure bring envy from our Android friends-lol

  6. I wait for AirPods Pro in Memoji

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  8. Where are the airpods pro for Memoji

  9. Is there the possibility to create Memoji Stickers directly with any other iOS 13/iPadOS device?

  10. Nice one 😍

  11. I wish they would add an AirPods Pro accessory option

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  14. It should be able to take a pic of you and create the Memoji for you. At any rate, it's not very accurate at all.

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  16. Can you add the option for AirPod Pro

  17. Anyone else read “meme-mojo”

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  19. AirPods Pro 😎❤️!?

  20. I need an explanation

  21. Apple you are the best!

  22. How did u made this video???

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  24. Waiting for airpods pro and I know they are on their way

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