How To Delete Apps on iPhone X | Move Apps

How To Delete Apps on iPhone X | Move Apps

today we’re gonna be looking at going
through and moving apps on the iPhone moving them into a folder moving
multiple apps and even deleting apps so let’s go ahead and just get started we
have some apps here if we wanted to go ahead and move the apps what we would do
is tap on the screen where an app is and hold like I’m doing on the to-do app and
it will go ahead and make them wiggle and put X’s if you’ve done this by
mistake either hit your home button or push up depending which phone you’re on
and to do it again again hold on to do and it’s going to go ahead and make it
wiggle so to move the apps what you could do is just simply tap on the app
where the X is not and then just simply move it to another area and you can move
it like that you can also go ahead and make folders to make folders all you do
is grab an app and put it on top of another app for example I’ll grab this
game and put it on top of this game and it’s gonna create a folder and it even
knows to create a game named games so that’s awesome once we have all the
games we need in there we’ll just swipe up from the top and we have your folder if you want to go ahead and add any more apps you just tap and hold
and then simply drag in and drop them to get them out of the folder you just do
the opposite just drag them out once you have no longer more than one app in a
folder for example you only have one the folder will still be there but you need
to go ahead and grab the last one and pull it out and then your folder will
disappear when you’re ready to go ahead and delete an app all you do is hold on
it till it Wiggles again and hit the X it’ll ask you do you want to delete it
you just go ahead and say delete to move multiple apps what you do is you grab
one app that you want to move first and then you simply tap on other apps
and it will move multiple at one time you can move them to the next page by
just pushing to the side of the screen and you could go back pushing this side
of the screen again when you let go all the apps will go ahead and disperse and
you have them all set again if you want to move them a little more just grab one
move it up and you’re good and that’s how to move apps multiple apps and
delete apps I hope this helped I’m Kevin with helpful tutorials thanks for the
view and I’ll see you in the next one

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