How to delete Emails on the ipod ipad iphone ios Devices

How to delete Emails on the ipod ipad iphone ios Devices

Deleting your Emails from your Ipod, Ipad
or Iphone In this video I am going to show you how you
can delete emails from your Ipod, Ipad or Iphone. I’ve also myself been trying to
work out how to do this because I couldn’t delete emails from my Ipod.
Here is how it works at the moment on IOS with the new update.
Take a look at the mail app on your ipod or on your IOS devices. If you try and swipe
to delete an email, it comes up archive and if you open your email and if it says archive
when you swipe to the right, you need to change the settings for you to be able to delete
your email. So in order to delete an email, simply go
down to settings and scroll down to Mail, contacts, calendar.
My particular email account is a gmail account so I wanna click gmail and then where it says
archive messages, clik off and now it will change that on the mail application. If you
want to delete the actual account from your Ipod, Ipad or Iphone, just click the delete
button. Go back to the mail application. If you swipe,
you will get a delete button, rather than an archive button. Now this will delete emails
from your account like how it supposed to work. I hope you find this video useful and
this is how you delete emails on your Ipod. This took me a while to work out and now I’m
glad I have it sorted out because I don’t have to go to my computer to delete my emails
anymore. You will typically find us talking tech at
24/7, seven days a week at If you have any question about this or if
you want to ask me a question, Until next time, hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Haha trolls attacked you Martin. ill like it so theres not a red bar

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  3. excellent!

  4. thanks.. very helpful……but how do you delete several at once? or all at once?

  5. @dipalumbo1 you press the edit button then hit the ones you want to delete you cant delete all at once hope this helps get in touch if you need more help

  6. thank you so much!!!! Super healpful!

  7. That helped thanks!!

  8. thanks so much very helpful. 🙂

  9. Tahnks!

  10. @Salman al-seedi no problem glad i was able to help

  11. This is really2 helpful, I just got my new phone. I have super hard time to delete unwanted email from my iphone 5.
    Thank a lots dude.

  12. no problem glad it was helpful robert

  13. no problem glad it was helpful for you dont for get to check out my other videos and subscribe as i will make more things like this

  14. Thank you! I was so frustrated! Now I can clear this mail!

  15. can you not just tap edit then select as many as you want then tap delete

  16. Thanks! This how to video helped me out alot!!

  17. Hey there,i had my iphone 4 stolen 2 weeks ago and got it back recently. So when i go to the App Store i see two updates for Youtube App and the Torch App,the problem is i cant Update Some Username Email pops up that i do not know and is asking for a password.Any ideas how i delete that Email Account?

  18. Good shit! I just got this iPhone against my will and have been trying to figure it out. You have definatly helped out a bunch! Thanks a lot (:

  19. Wtf are you saying

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