How to Delete Messages iPhone 5 5s 6 iPad iOS 7 iOS 8 Single

So I was trying to delete one single message, and I’ve got an iPhone 5S with OS8 something, and OS7, and I was reading all these things on how to delete these messages, and none of them seemed to work for me. And I found out that the message I was trying to delete was a number, and I held on the message. Just a minute, I’ll get it clearer here, with my other finger, So the message is a number. There, maybe that’s better. And they said to hold on it, and it would give me a choice. So it gives me a choice, to create event, show in the calendar, or copy. It does not give me a delete choice. And I was just trying everything with that. So here, now what I’ll do here, is I’ll cancel that, and I’ll hold on this one, which is just text. And it should pop up something, “copy” and “more.” Then you click on the “more.” Here, I’ll try that again, Click on “more,” and there it gives you the, the delete button. So you can delete that one, and that one, if you want, or, but you can go back and delete the number one, which is, the little garbage can will show up. And it says “delete message,” yes. delete message. And there. It’s gone. So that happens mainly on number ones, at least that’s my experience. And I read up, and a lot of people were frustrated, on their, on the forums, so this is what I found out, and I’m sharing that. That’s iPhone 5S, with iOS8, but I think it’s the same in iOS7 too. because I saw a lot of forums that had a problem with that. Delete a number message from iOS, iMessage or text message one by one. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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