How To DJ With Spotify On Pioneer DDJ-200 & Algoriddim djay (iPad & iPhone)

How To DJ With Spotify On Pioneer DDJ-200 & Algoriddim djay (iPad & iPhone)

82 thoughts on “How To DJ With Spotify On Pioneer DDJ-200 & Algoriddim djay (iPad & iPhone)

  1. Sir do it with edjing

  2. Nice vid I like that. I currently use Rane 12 and NS6II but would love checking this out. I just put out a new vid, check it out if you have time.

  3. this type of child play gear n features effects to real DJ who do hard work on DJing field … these days many of people's so lazy they put DJ title with-out any hardwork… reason this tyoe of toys. very ssd😈

  4. can it be Bluetooth connected to a PC?

  5. Just ordered one. Thanks for the videos for helping with the purchase

  6. These current DJ software needs to learn from this! Use Spotify integration!! That’s huge! Especially for you want a song on the fly!!

  7. I still dont see the practical use for streaming at a dj gig.
    Sorry,, maybe if you a request for a song you dont have?
    Apart from that!! I just dont get it!!

  8. Could you show a video comparing this using a ddj400 and an ipad please to see if the 400 is worth getting over the 200

  9. I was messing around with Djay last night after watching yesterdays video. I am a hobby DJ, and like to post on So I was trying to think of ways to record my sessions with this and the app. But turns out Djay has internal recording. Either 1 mbit compressed, or 10mbit WAV. So thats sorted! That should have been in the video.

  10. Is it possible for me to DJ with streaming services like Beatport LINK etc using a DDJ-SB ?

  11. Before Algoriddim revamped its djay app, in the old djay2 when you plugged in a pioneer WeGo controller the on-screen crossfader would be replaced with a toolbar that could hot swap effects and change the crossfader curve. Maybe something similar could be implemented here?

  12. Another reason they need to still include the headphone Jack in devices. Do you think that big DJs and producers can influence the electronic companies to not get rid of the headphone Jack in devices?? Or what's your take on the whole headphone Jack removal situation??

  13. Hi. Can you camera connection kit audio ( If camera connection kit does actually work that way ) To an audio interface instead of using headphone out of device and using that splitter cable.

  14. Still prefer wired to ipad. And if u could use these services offline

  15. I wish Djay pro gets more support

  16. You get the award for picking the 2 worst songs and artist on spotify

  17. I have the original Algoriddim Djay Pro app that I paid $9.99 or something like that for both my iPhone XS Max and 1st Generation Lightning Cable iPad. Does Djay Pro have the ability to work with the Pioneer DDJ-200 controller using the Bluetooth MIDI Devices technology like the subscription service Djay app that you are demonstrating here? I was hoping to find a Dj Controller like the DDJ-200 that will work perfectly with the Algoriddim Djay Pro app on both my iPhone XS Max and 1st Generation Lightning Cable iPad. Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

  18. I thought it was usb powered! 🤔

  19. What’s the voltage to power the device as thinking of getting this along with a jbl portable speaker that has the ability to charge your phone which I may also use to power the device.

  20. The bluetooth link will automatically degrade the sound quality, it simply won't sound as good as a wired link. I suppose to this target audience it won't matter but it is a issue for me. Cheers

  21. This is a great idea for Pioneer DJ, but a terrible idea for DJs…

  22. The physical limitations (volume adjustments for example) are usually more an Apple issue, and not algoriddim.

  23. Thanks for the review! What about latency? Have you experienced slight delay between pressing cues or jog wheels?

  24. I'm conflicted! Please help. I have a new role in my professional job where I travel a lot. My job is unrelated to DJing but I used to be a professional DJ that has got back into DJing as a full time hobby. Currently I own the DDJ 1000. I was ready to purchase the DDJ 400 and pack it in my carry on so I can play/practice headphone mixes in the hotel. I'm not terribly interested in Spotify/Beatport integration although that is a nice plus. I would want to use this primarily with Rekordbox. The big questions I have are:
    1) The unit is strictly a controller, no audio card so I would need to split the headphone out of my Mac laptop to my micro mixer where I create the split headphone cue > Is this possible?
    2) Using the split method, will Rekordbox still be able to record a stereo mix internally to the laptop.
    Do you think I would be a happy with the DDJ 200 as a travel controller or stick to the DDJ 400 if I was already willing to travel with it?

  25. Any idea when Android will be supported?

  26. How would you charge the iPad? ALL DJ software needs to follow Algorridims model of iOS and PC/Mac.

  27. When will I be able to use spotify with my ddj 400. Or the wedj app

  28. What about the speaker sound, is it restricted only to mono?

  29. Why not android..i have wedj and alorddim on my tablet

  30. Is it possible to use spotify premium capacity of storing the songs in the ipad memory in case you are in plane mode for example?

  31. Is a djay pro subscription required to use this controller?

  32. How does this stack up against the Wego4?

  33. This was soooo interesting. Perfect hands on review! Thank you so much. I am waiting for the integration with Apple Music here and the cordless controller. Thx!

  34. Can you record sets, while using Spotify?

  35. do u know if I can use algoriddem so I can dj on PIONEER DJ XDJRX

  36. what software can i use for my ddj-400? is it possible for me to connect an iphone or ipad maybe

  37. Do you have to have djay pro for this or can you use the free version ?

  38. Will I be able to connect it and have it playing through my Alto TS312 speakers ?

  39. Sigh! I really didn't want to go down the streaming path for obvious reasons when I DJ. But every request i ever get is some stupid alternative song I never have on my hard drive, so looks like algoriddm it is

  40. For a beginner is this controller worth getting to learn the core essentials? and then working your way up to the more pro controllers? I've seen a lot of people say it good but then I've seen a lot of "pros" say its useless which has left me a bit unsure if this is worth getting for a starting point in to the DJing world.

  41. I struggle to use this with my phone. Android. I have the app and it's connected to my Spotify account and i can use the app on my phone and mix. But i can't connect to the ddj 200.. help?

  42. It won’t connect to the djay app in my iPhone, help

  43. do u need to buy the premium version to use the ddj 200

  44. I've bought this and I can only say one thing: DON'T BUY THIS SHIT unless you have iphone.

    Really, save more money and buy a bigger one, SB2 or SB3 is waaay better. The serato software is much better than the stupid apps they tell you to download. They have a lot of ads and it's pure bs. Unless you have WeDJ (which doesn't work for Android) you won't be able to play music from spotify, soundcloud or whatever. And also edjing software is pure garbage (ads, lag, bugs). You will end up buying a better one so buy a better one from the start.

    You can buy cheaper controllers in Amazon although they are for PC. But seriously, if you have an Android and want to buy this, just don't. I got mine today and I'm returning it. Can't belive Pioneer didn't think of a nice app for Android users instead of focusing on iOS lol.

    I guess Pioneer payed these DJ's for reviewing it because all of them use iphone, no one talks about Android or use another app rather than WeDJ. But hey, I'm just giving my opinion.

  45. Does it charge your phone while using it?

  46. Hercules Inpulse 200 is way better by far, way more features, highly durable buttons, faders, great jog wheels, stereo outputs and headphones output on controller, has its own USB cord (very durable), etc, uses Algorithm DJ (and Pro version), and other softwares as well, and is only $100.

  47. Do you have to buy the Djay Pro software?

  48. Hi there, great vid. Djay2 works on Android with Spotify, but you only mention iPhone/iPad support. I also understand there will be a WeDJ update in July 2019 for Spotify integration on Android.
    I only have Android devices, so would be good if you could confirm this works?

  49. Does this work ok with Android?

  50. En Español por favor!!!

  51. You need Spotify premium??

  52. Doesn't work with samsung tablet or windows 10?

  53. Is connecting a microphone possible ?

  54. I’m having trouble with the splitter lead, the none of my speakers I tried show up when selecting the master. Any ideas you guys have would be helpful, cheers

  55. What is the standard set-up for modern DJ's?

  56. literally a perfect review and tutorial my friend, spot on 🙂

  57. I want buy an ipad for that, you know if ipad 2018 work great with djay pro and wedj apps?

  58. You can get headphone with volume control on them

  59. Hi. Digital DJ Tips. Ive two questions need to ask.

    1) Since we have splitter for headphones jack and speaker, to connect to speaker with headphone jack with double barrel (which means is stereo), the sound from speaker will come out as stereo as well?
    2) is still able to use in pub, or some concert stage?

  60. Numark mixtrack pro 3 or Pioneer DDJ 200, please help me.. i'm a beginner🙏🏻

  61. Hi there! Do you know if the DDJ 200 will work with djaypro on Mac OS, not an ipad/iphone? I have Djay pro on my macbook air and bought the ddj sb3 but it doesn't seem to have enough power for the sb3

  62. Does it works also with ddj 400?

  63. Can you play Bluetooth audio from your iphone to a speaker and still use the CUE function via the headphone adapter?

  64. When using with Spotify, can you DJ with downloaded offline music from Spotify?

  65. can you use this on an iphone ?

  66. right it won't connect to my Mac it says a code number when pairing and says make sure this matches one on the device . well we know the ddj 200 has no screen 😂

  67. Another problem I put my Bluetooth speaker to my iPad and then when you try and use headphones it comes out of the Bluetooth speaker . I'm using wired headphones .

  68. Hi can you connect this DDJ 200 connect to PC aswell?

  69. Can i use it on ddj-400?

  70. The controller has 8 cue yet djay only has only 3

  71. 3:27 I love this bit

  72. I got bpm so I am good idk why I am watching this

  73. Is there a day to use Spotify without Internet? When I downloaded my albums, shouldn't it work?
    If it doesn't work, is there another App that works without Internet? Thanks

  74. I can't download wedj on ipad 4 and can't use apps djing djay for free. I use apps with ipad 4ios 10.3.4.

  75. Does this wirk with numark dj controll?

  76. Doesn’t the sound in the master come out as mono and not stereo? Any way to have the main output as stereo?

  77. Djay is not finding my ddj200 for a midi device. Any ideas why?

  78. I am getting this for my 8 yaer old son for XMas. I bought an iPad for it as well, so he can use our family spotify account. is there a good speaker you would recommend that would work cheaper than the iLoud? I see that one works, but Id like a cheaper option that will still work the same way you have shown. Thanks!

  79. What DJay version are you using?

  80. Great video, is there an option to record your set.

  81. Hey, I can not use the master for the headphones? The button is not glowin. If I press the master Button it starts to glow but the `1` and `2` button do nothin. Do you habe an answer for this. that would be great. thank you!

  82. Can I play practice with the ddj 400 without a laptop only with my Android djay2 and Spotify and if so what splitters do I need? Thank you

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