How to download PS4 game Add-Ons

How to download PS4 game Add-Ons

30 thoughts on “How to download PS4 game Add-Ons

  1. I don’t freaking have that option

  2. For Friday the 13th

  3. Guy's please help it didn't work i have a cd and i bought the add ons i can't find them. it's showing that it is waiting to install…

  4. Guy's please help the cd is inside and the game uploaded and updated but the add on are not installing what can i do?

  5. STILL NOT WORKING , AFTER I DID THAT..Says application not found ..

  6. Mine says installed, but doesn't appear in game. I bought DLC for a UK account because you couldn't buy it in the American one, and it's not giving it to me

  7. 7 months later and you still doing good

  8. Thx For The Tutorial

  9. PlayStation support…. my nut sack! Then why doesn’t this work? Why isn’t there a support tab anywhere on the Store dashboard? The fairy music is annoying as hell….

  10. Wen I go to ps store my games I downloaded they all say waiting how can I fix that

  11. Bruh when I press download it says its downloaded but it doesnt show up in game

  12. Thanks

  13. How do you highligth it

  14. I did all the steps but i cant click on the download arrow i dont know why .. can somone help me please ?

  15. How Do I highlight.

  16. my one doesnt say playstation store

  17. How do I download the campaign characters for jojo all star battle

  18. But they won’t install ?

  19. That's not always there

  20. I need your help just download the resident evil 2 remake 98 costumes dlc and after downloading when I try to install them it appears that the application is not available on my ps4 I need help with that problem since I plan to buy other things and I would not like to spend the coin of the cart for something that I can not use

  21. Hey when I'm in a game and I see a addon and click it why does it bring me to the store and say Conten Unavailable is it because its only for the Ps4 Pro?

  22. What do you do if the shop doesn't pop up

  23. Thanks it helped me out a lot I had to reinstall my add-on’s

  24. Hi, i had installed the far cry 5 add ons and when i accidently deleted the account i used to get the add ons and i just created another account i tried to play the game again with the add ons i installed but it wasn't there.
    When i checked the information on the game that i had the add ons installed on said that the add ons was installed but wasn't in the game
    Please help

  25. I can't install my new DLC, since my PS4 is bogged down with all these useless updates.

  26. Why isn't it working for my disc games?

  27. Please help I have them installed but it won't let me download them. The button shows up grey to download and dousent let me click it

  28. The store one isnt where for me since I got all the DLC I lost the page I was on and cant find where I need to download the last 2 doc I cant find it anywhere and this option for store and my add ons was not there

  29. For me it says installed but the dlc is not showing in my game

  30. I love how they say how easy it is and then don't give a warning about how if you don't have the internet then you just waisted your money. I just bought an $8 dlc for Black Ops 3 and I can't even use it(if you're wondering how I bought it, I used my hotspot which is limited so I can't use it all the time.) And thanks to Sony not warning me about this before hand I now have a dlc I won't be able to use. Fuck you fucking corporate ass bitch!

  31. Me: Reading the comments
    Also me: Feeling attacked because I generally didn’t know how to access downloadable content

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