How to edit Blogs IPhone, IPAD IOS ONLY KaNOYPI

How to edit Blogs IPhone, IPAD IOS ONLY KaNOYPI

Hi guys welcome to my channel I will teach you on how I edit my video using my cellphone my iphone Watch this! So guys this is the app that I am using VIDEOLEAP Lets start! Click the + sign the pictures directory will now appear videos directory then select the one that your goin to edit Just select the video that you will gonna edit then the video that you have selected will appear here So this Just got wrong click I have click the text 1st is about this sound this includes the artist and sound effect you can upload songs here So there it is i have added it There it is you can attack sound there its very easy to do then if your gonna add up some video CLick the + sign again on the end of your main video In between videos you can add some effects on it just like this wipe right the wipe right effect or in and out So this I have put some wipe right effect then this its just easy to Insert some text just press the Tex just press letter the letter T on the menu then you type in what are you goin to write If you want to have subtitle you can use this you put it there I erase it just click the letter T on menu then you erase it then you will just click on the screen from where the text is written for you to write the things that you want to write there it is you can also move it anywhere on screen just press on the text move it then you can shrink it and enlarge it just use your 2 fingers on top of the text just press on the text on the screen then shrink it using your 2 finger and you can rotate it you will just rotate it with your fingers so there it is how easy to do it So this one you just need to click outside then go to canvas you can go faded you can choose on what resoulution your gonna use On how big the screen you are going to use all of it was here on whats the size if you want some blurry on side I cannot just teach other things in here its very hard and many Just the same as kine Master This is ok too the colors of background If you have no color on your background you can use it You can put voice over here You can voice over your videos here Just click the recorder and the red button then you are recording your voice So this I will teach you on how to reverse or speed up the video Just like fast forward did you hear and see it. it is fast now the next thing I will teach you is reversing We will reverse the video This is reverse fast reverse I set it to normal speed reverse Just ignore those wierd sounds It is because of i reverse the sound then I just did it its just a sample next thing is filtering video variety of colors to choose from variety of effects you can also flip your your own video you can also add some effects on your video this is my example you can add a light like this it depends on you where will you use it So I try another effect prism A lil bit of blurry vision blurry side You will see it here on Videoleap on what are the effects this is another effect the glitch you can blur the face of a person for the privacy of the people that doesn’ t want to be viewed Or if you were blogging theres other person that doesn’ t want to show herself you can use it This is my bonus tip you can mute sounds I forgot to include it on the frst part We can mute the sounds Just click the video or the sound that we make The one that is saying TAKLUBAN ANG MUKHA that is the sound that i Remove Thats the sound i have remove SO thats all hope you learn

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