“How to effectively create iOS content to get better iOS dev opportunities?”

Caio: So, first question: “I want better iOS gigs, but there’s a lot of competition…” “how can I effectively create iOS content to get better iOS opportunities?” So the most effective way that I know of creating quality content… that can help you get better opportunities… is to genuinely help others, to give without expecting anything back. Because creating content is a “give” action, you’re giving, delivering value to others. And, probably, you’re giving back. Because you learned many of your skills from others… that shared their knowledge for free online. So, you’re giving back to the community that helped you. Give your best, consistently without expecting anything back. Just this tiny mindset change… will help you deliver better content and get better opportunities. And it’s counterintuitive because you shouldn’t expect anything back… but it will come. Mike: Exactly, can you save someone the time that… they would have to put in to find the answers to their questions. If you can do that, [then] that’s it. You provided value to someone. Caio: So, the goal is to give, and as a positive side-effect you’ll receive back. If you start creating content expecting something back… you’ll most probably give up because results are not immediate. It’s not like you’re going to create your blog, create one blog post… and start getting a bunch of companies calling you. That’s not realistic. And if it’s not realistic, you might create bad expectations… And you might give up too soon. Mike: Yes, and the reason why it’s not going to happen immediately… it’s because you need momentum. Others will find the content, will benefit, and you’ll receive the benefits of that. Caio: Yes, if the content is good… you’ll start getting more opportunities from people that benefit from your content. So it needs time, you need to deliver good content consistently. You need to give without expecting anything back.

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