How to Export iMovie Projects at 60fps Full HD on iOS

How to Export iMovie Projects at 60fps Full HD on iOS

Hello everybody it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my channel I’m here to save you time and money and today if you’re recording
footage on your iPhone at 60 frames per second and then editing it in the iMovie
App you might be exporting it and it’s coming out at 30 frames per second now
there’s a nice easy fix for this this is so you’ve got no loss of quality when
you export your movie from iMovie, okay so I’m on my iPhone here so if I go into
Settings and then scroll down to Camera and then select Camera, oops just
gone passed it there we go Camera and I’m recording video at 1080p that’s full HD
at 60 frames per second now I’ll show you what’s happening, I’m going into
iMovie editing a movie with my 60 frames per second footage and then at the
bottom I’m clicking to Save the video and when I click on that it only gives me
these four options HD at 1080p which is exporting at 30 frames per second so
what you do is come back out of iMovie go back to your Settings scroll down to
where all your Apps are and then select the iMovie App, so click on that and there we go we’ve
got a setting saying enable 60 frames-per-second export so just slide
that ON so it is green, and then you come back out, then go back to iMovie, edit your movie, save
your movie and then it gives you the option of exporting it at HD 1080p 60
frames per second so you’ve basically got no loss of quality, and then once
you’ve done that you can then copy that video to your computer and there’s a
link above now about how to copy that video to your computer or laptop, if you
would like more how-to’s on how to save you time and money
then please press the subscribe button down here, I really do appreciate you
visiting my channel everyone if you’d like to select any other videos around
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  2. OH WOW. i didnt know that. all this time i've been exporting at 30fps. things are about to change. thanks.

  3. Awe man I need to get a smart phone some day… Good DIY my friend.!!

  4. Hey I Have been watching a lot of small YouTubers recently and just found your channel! I think we have potential to grow together! Let me know what YOU think!

  5. I don’t see 1080p

  6. The 1080p option doesn't come up. just Small-360p, Medium-540p, and HD-720p. I do have the latest software and an iPhone X. the footage is a screen recording of my phone which is a little higher resolution than 1080p and i did turn on the option to export in 60fps

  7. Thank you! I didn’t knew this all along! You really helped me! Earned a sub and like!

  8. Спасибо огромное!!! Вы мне очень помогли!


  10. Thank for sharing 🙏😊💕

  11. Thanks

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