How to fit an iPod iPhone Lead in a Ferrari F430 or 360

Hey everybody hope you’re well. Today I’m
going to be covering fitting an iPod lead into a Ferrari 430, but these instructions can also be used for the Ferrari 360 as they’re pretty much the same design. So let’s get on with it Ok so when you’ve got your iPod lead you’ll have the end that’s got, sometimes it’s got the old-style connector, I just got an adapter from Apple that just fits straight on and connects it to
the new lightning type of connector for the newer type of iPhone. You’ve got your
whole lead this part will go up the back of the dashboard to the back of the
radio which i’ll cover in a second and that will go just basically you gonna go
up in this gap here and feed it around to the back of the radio you can do that
with the radio in or out it doesn’t really matter, then what you wanna do is with your other end which is the one that goes into the phone just come through this little gap here then the lead will be in the glove box it won’t cause any problems it
doesn’t get trapped in the mechanisms there and then with the rest of
the cable is cable tie it nice and neatly to the back of the dashboard and it won’t rattle
around and it won’t make any noise. That’ll then give you your connection in the glove box for your iPhone or iPod it’s a bit easier than drilling holes you can drill
hole in here and route the cable through if you want to but the only downside to
these cables is there’s no break in the cable that means you can just put the
thinner part of the cable through you have to put the large part through and
that’s where you down side comes because you can’t make an neat hole that’s that
big and there’s no access point in the top and that would enable you to run the
cable it neatly so I found that on my car the best place was to go through this area
here and then you can easily with the lead in the glovebox, the glove box
closes and the lead is tucked around the corner and it doesn’t catch or bind, it catches a little bit but it’s only on this corner of the glove box lid which won’t
cause any problems because it’s soft It doesn’t crush the cable and that’s a
place that works the best for me. Then all you gotta do is take this and here which
is got the control unit and the plug for the back of the radio, feed that up the back of the dashboard cable tie it in place just to secure it and plug it into the
radio really simple. Okay so to remove the radio and for the iPod lead the
first thing you gonna need to do is you’ve got two slots on this radio to
take them out and you’ll get two keys generally from Ferrari when you buy the
car or when you bought it used you will normally get a set of these keys
if you didn’t get a set you can buy them on ebay just have a search for
Becker removal keys.
The first thing you gotta do is you’ll notice there’s a hole on the side
for one key to go in but there’s no hole on this side so some people don’t know
this but these radios do actually have a removable panel if you just push the
Ferrari logo across and that little panel comes off and that is your second
hole. So these have got ‘Top L’ top left ‘Top R’ top right. So that would be the top
right, so you just put it in until you can feel a little bit of resistance from the
clips, again with your top L I’ll just put that in and make sure it goes in straight you’ll feel
the little clips, all you do is pull the radio straight out, you can now push the little clips in to take your keys out. So all you need to do is pull the unit straight out towards you just be careful of the back of the dashboard with the stereo.
There’s a little plastic tab clip there, all you need to do is give that push wiggle the connector
and it will come free this is the one that we’ll then replace. so we need to put
that one out of the way. We will then take the lead for the iPod which is exactly
the same and will just pop up back into the top in the corresponding holes
that’s it now your iPod lead is fully fitted and all you need to do is pop the
stereo back in tuck all of your wires down the back, you can get your hands underneath the back of the dashboard if you do need
to pull the cables round to get the unit back in it can sometimes help to put a
little bit of washing up liquid onto this peg here which does help to get
into the corresponding hole in the back of the dashboard it’s just sometimes a
bit of a dry fit so it does help it go in a little bit easier.
But that’s all you need to do to fit an iPod lead in Ferrari F430 It’s quite straightforward and it’s no
more than a 25 – 30 minute job and that’s taking your time you don’t need to
disconnect the power from the radio if you do disconnect the power you only
need to disconnect these two bottom ones that one is your aerial if you
disconnect you will need your security code which should have come with your
car on a white credit-card sized piece of paper with security code otherwise
you may have to contact your dealer to get the security code for the car.
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