How to Fix a Disabled iPad Mini Without iTunes

How to Fix a Disabled iPad Mini Without iTunes

I need to know how to fix a disabled iPad
Mini without iTunes. That’s pretty hard since nearly every solution
for a severe iPad Mini beyond rebooting is wipe and restore via iTunes. If I had iTunes, I know I could go to iTunes,
devices and select Restore if Update didn’t work. The hard part is what to do without
iTunes, which nearly every Apple help site suggests as the fix after rebooting. Then there’s the fact that Apple’s website
says you may only be able to reset the pass code. If you aren’t locked out of the device,
you can restore it to factory settings even if you can’t access iTunes. You do that buy going to settings, the general
menu, reset, and then pick to erase all your content and settings. They do ask if you’re sure before it resets
the device, but after re-configuring the device, you may fix the problem that disabled the
device. That’s like a brain wipe. It will ask you if you’re sure, and after
you confirm it, the iPad mini will reset. It should start up at that point. Everything will be gone, including my account
information. You will need to do the set up from scratch
like entering your Apple ID. However, once you’ve confirmed you’re you with an Apple
account, you should gain access to your iTunes. If I get iTunes running at that point, I will
be able to start iTunes, find the iPad Mini under devices and select to restore the iPad
Mini from iTunes. The hard part is getting connected. Then you’re down to the nuclear option of
putting it in recovery mode and wiping it. Can I download apps and music? Yes, but manually until you get iTunes reinstalled. How can I get it into recovery mode? Unplug the sync cable from your computer,
turn the iPad Mini off, hold down the home button as you plug in the sync button and
plugging the cable in. Don’t hold down the home button until you see connect to iTunes. At that point, I think I could let it go. Well, the button, not the iPad Mini, or you’ll
risk damaging it so you get endless blue screen of deaths in between the reboots. After it connects to iTunes, it will restore
the device to factory settings. I will have to reinstall everything. At least at that point, if iTunes connects,
you won’t have to pay as much for all your apps and content as you would to mail the
device in to Apple to fix. What if I don’t have a computer to connect
the iPad Mini to? If you have find my iPhone app on the iPad
and your iPhone, you can use that app on the phone to erase the iPad. That erases all my data if it has been stolen. Yes, but by restoring to factory defaults,
you may be able to restore your most recent backup once you log in and re-configure the
device. This is another brain wipe and hope it works. There’s a reason the Genius Bar tech support
works at every Apple store.

7 thoughts on “How to Fix a Disabled iPad Mini Without iTunes

  1. how can you go to settings if you can't get into the iPad.. that's the point of the question

  2. You said WITHOUT itunes and thats all you were talking about!!

  3. i didnt help at all, sorry but u shld show how to do it without talking, ugh i don't understand.

  4. I did it! without using iTunes.

    Restore the device using recovery mode and reset the password

    If you've never connected your iOS device to your computer, then you may need to place the device in recovery mode and restore it to erase the device. Unless you have an iCloud backup, you will lose all of your data using this method. If you use iCloud for backup, you can select a backup during the setup process after the restore.

    Disconnect the USB cable from the device, but leave the other end of the cable connected to your computer's USB port.

    Turn off the device: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider. Wait for the device to shut down.

    While pressing and holding the Home button, reconnect the USB cable to the device. The device should turn on.

    Continue holding the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

    iTunes will alert you that it has detected a device in recovery mode. Click OK, and then restore the device.

    Follow the prompts in Setup Assistant and proceed to "Set up your device."

    If you used iCloud for backup, tap Restore from a Backup, then sign in to iCloud.

    Proceed to "Choose backup," then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.

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