How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Charge 2019

How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Charge 2019

if your iPhone’s having trouble charging
I’m going to show you really quickly and easily how to get it working again hey
guys Boy Named Kelly here and if this is your first time to my channel welcome
make sure you hit the subscribe button and also activate the Bell activate the
Bell activate the Bell okay full disclosure I used to be an Apple
employee myself past tense and have had a lot of experience with these sort of
issues however I always recommend making a Genius Bar appointment and do not recommend
you fix your iPhone yourself because you might forfeit any possibility of Apple
fixing it for free or at the cost they have and you can reach out to Apple by
calling 1-800-APLCARE or by visiting now
there may be multiple reasons why your iPhone is charging but don’t worry I’ll
show you all the likely scenarios and help you get things back to normal in no
time firstly make sure that your charger itself is charging other devices this is
easiest to test if you have an iPad or perhaps another friend with an iPhone
okay if the charger actually isn’t working isolate whether it’s the cord
itself or the wall plug side note if your charging cable or wall plug is
under one-year-old Apple will actually replace the charger free of charge
conditions always apply however this also applies to vehicle Cooper just
Apple Care Plus from Apple directly when they bought the device as well secondly
now that we’ve clarified whether your charger itself works or not we can start
looking at the iPhone itself and this method applies to most iPhones out there
today unless you have some sort of ancient iPhone 3G or you’re literally
Tim Cook and you’re watching this video trying to fix your iPhone 13 go home Tim
now take your charging cable and check to see if the white part sits completely
flush with the bottom of the iPhone if it doesn’t there’s a good chance that
you can get things fixed fairly simply now if it does indeed sit flush with
your iPhone and does not power on hold the volume down button and the
sleep/wake button for about 15 seconds to see if it turns on older models with
an aux port and a physical cooking hole button will just hold the home button
and sleep/wake button instead if you still have no luck with perón on your
device consider booking an appointment online with the Genius Bar or walk it in
wait a while on standby because it’s less likely there’s any sort of blockage
on the charger port itself lastly if you’ve established that there is indeed
a blockage in your iPhone charging port it’s probably just later
I mean my pants full and stuff so it seems pretty likely to remove this take
an unused toothbrush I said unused a non-static professional
brush is best but we’re just normal people here and try gently brushing the
debris out now if you’ve got it you might want to consider taking some
compressed air and gently blow loose any debris that might be in the floor now
this next step has the possibility to break your iphone so proceed at your own
risk touch down I don’t know what I’m doing
it’s not even football season yet but we’re close if all else fails take at
the end of the paper clip and while staying away from the gold promise on
the bottom gently loosen the debris while staying strictly on the side of
the port that is closest to the screen cleaning out debris with the brush and
compressed air again if needed now once you finish that make sure that the
charger actually goes all the way in and there you have it a happy iPhone
charging port if this video taught you anything helpful at all please consider
giving it a thumbs up so that YouTube can promote it be sure to check out my
video about how you can safely charge your phone even faster I hate charging
slow that’s for weird people and I’ll also leave a link in the description
about my favorite charging cable that’s like 10 feet long you’re gonna love it
and it’s really inexpensive too because they’re definitely not all created equal
and I love this one by the way if you still aren’t sure what your issue is and
you’re not having any luck feel free to reach out to me in the comment section
and I’ll do my best to answer and reach out to you and kind of point you in the
right direction I know it can be kind of frustrating but we’ll see if we can get
this figured out just make sure that you haven’t dropped your phone in the toilet
or anything because if you have you might be out of luck alright guys thanks
for watching be sure to subscribe and catch the next video and happy charging
speaking of rich my phone is like just about dead and I have an Instagram oh
this is it’s like it’s like 1:00 a.m. this is what we do this is how I live

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