How To Fix Broken iPhone Lock Button – Works With iPad/iPod Touch

How To Fix Broken iPhone Lock Button – Works With iPad/iPod Touch

Hey everyone welcome back this is DHTV and
today I have a quick tip on how to fix your lock button on your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch
Lets get started. So if your lock button ever breaks or starts to become unresponsive, your not totally screwed. There is actually a way you can use a setting to create a digital
lock button. So open up your settings application, you then want to scroll down to where it says
“General” and then were going to scroll down to “Accessibility” and from here were going
to pretty much scroll down all the way to the bottom and you want to find “Assistive
Touch”. So we will open that up and turn Assistive Touch on. Basically this is going to create
a digital button. This can do various things, I showed you in another video how to create
a digital home button with it. If you do have the broken lock button, what you would do
is tap on “Devices” from here and then tap on “Lock Screen”. So basically from this section
or basically anywhere on your phone, we will just go to our home screen here. You can move
this where ever you want, it wont bother you while your playing games. You can put it anywhere
on the screen and as soon as you need to lock your phone you just tap on it click “Devices”
and then click “Lock Screen”. Now obviously your going to need to use your home button
and swipe to unlock but as you can see here the digital lock button is still available
to you. You can do various things through that. Now if you want more information on
Assistive Touch and a full tutorial I will link you with that in the description down
below. So, definitely check that out if you want more information on this feature. For
lock screen problems basically click “Device” and then “Lock Screen”. But if your phone
does die or it turns off for some reason, you will need to plug it up to your charger
and that should give you the ability to bring it back to life. Obviously it needs to have
at least enough of a charge to turn it back on. It will turn on automatically but you
still have to use this. It’s just a temporary solution to lock your screen. Anyway guys,
hopefully you enjoyed this, found it helpful and if you did let me know in the comments
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99 thoughts on “How To Fix Broken iPhone Lock Button – Works With iPad/iPod Touch

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