How to Fix iPad Home Button Not Working

How to Fix iPad Home Button Not Working

I need to know how to fix iPad Home button
not working. That does make the default solution of turning
it off using the home and sleep wake buttons to reboot it a little hard. If the iPad is
still in warranty, this is a great thing to take to the Genius Bar. I don’t think it is under warranty anymore. Then restart it by holding down the sleep
wake button and sliding the red bar to turn it off. Don’t tell me to reboot it to fix a button
not working. If you haven’t been handling the iPad with
greasy hands, then tap settings, general, accessibility, and triple click home. That disables the home button, I think. You can then restart the device and see if
it works. And if it doesn’t? Then we’re down to cotton swaps and alcohol
to get the grease from your fingers out from between the buttons, hopefully without breaking
the button more. I may need to do that, but would prefer something
safer like cleaning wipes. Just don’t use cleaning wipes that will
drip cleaner in and around the buttons or you’ll have another reason for the buttons
not to work. And after I’ve cleaned it? Reset the device and see if the Apple logo
comes up. That’s essentially testing the iPad home
and sleep wake button to see if it works. If the button isn’t working, there’s the
possibility you wore out the contacts. It is used for everything from waking up the
tablet to switching to the multitasking panel. The solution for it not working might be because
it needs to be recalibrated. It is a button, not a thermometer. If it becomes less responsive or sometimes
even when it stops working, you can recalibrate it by launching a standard app. Then what? Hold down the power button until the power
off slide comes up, continue holding it down until the slider disappears – That could take a literal minute. Then see if the home button works. That’s even weirder than telling me to reboot
to fix the issue. You can repeat the process with a different
app to see if the settings for the home button recalibrate. Hopefully not with every app. No. But if that doesn’t work, put the iPad
in landscape mode, hold down Home button as you move it to portrait mode, and release
the home button. Then push it again and see if it works. I get the feeling that was discovered when
someone was trying to figure out how to clean it from every angle and it miraculously worked. That’s another form of recalibration, but
without wondering if the app settings linked to the home button require trying every app.
However, you may need to repeat the process as you put it in landscape mode. And if it is broken at every angle and app,
get service. At least then I won’t feel bad about paying for someone to hold down
a button and shake it like an Etch a Sketch.

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