How to Fix iPad Sound Problem: no sound on iPad games, iPad Apps without sound. Easy! iOS 10,9,8 & 7

How to Fix iPad Sound Problem: no sound on iPad games, iPad Apps without sound. Easy! iOS 10,9,8 & 7

You have an iPad with iOS7… …but, some apps to make any sound?
Let’s fix it! First: take a look at the “side switch”… …see the red mark? The iPad is “on mute” Switch it up! Second: put the volume all up! But, if your side switch is used
to lock the rotation of the screen, …then you bring up the “Control Center”, and take a look at the Cut Bell:
if it is ‘bright’… …just turn it off. Again, put the volume all up,
dismiss the Control Center… …and we should have sound! Still, no sound?… let’s close
all the running apps: Double-tap the ‘Home Button’… …and there might be a
few apps in background, swipe up the screens… …closing all of them. Now lets ‘reboot’ the iPad… …using the “power button” and
the “home button” together: at the same time, keep them pressed!
The screen goes black… …and, when the Apple logo
appears, release them! If this video helped you, give it a Like! or dislike! Share it!
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  11. Its not working for me! I turned all the volume up and did that but nothing! I cant even hear YouTube videos

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  42. uno para iphones 6s

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  61. A que se debe que el iPad en su máximo volumen suene muy bajo?..

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  68. What do you do if there isn't a sound bar in the control center

  69. Thanks, my ipad was in silent mode, i think is was a firmware problem, great tutorial

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  74. Not sure if you ever gonna read this but, the issue with my iPad is more than this because I'm watching videos, listening to music or playing games (with audio) and suddenly the sound stops, I can't use the volume rockers and yes I already checked that the mute is turned off which it is and The actual solution that I have is reboot the iPad which is annoying, so I don't know if there's a permanent solution to this and if there is please response, thanks. Btw my iPad is the iPad mini first gen and all of this happens when the iPad is charging.

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  81. iPad mini doesn't play back sound on recorded videos with the camera. Sound on videos on YouTube or apps does work. Dou you know what can be the case?


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