How To Fix iPad That Won’t Charge

How To Fix iPad That Won’t Charge

hey I’m boy named Kelly and if your iPad
is having trouble charging I’m going to show you exactly how to get it all fixed
up quickly and easily if this video helps you out in any way make sure you
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in the future okay full disclosure I used to be an Apple employee myself and
have had a lot of experience with this sort of issue however I do not recommend
fixing your iPad yourself seeing how there’s a possibility of voiding your
warranty or forfeiting any free fixes from Apple you can visit or call Apple
for a free consultation if you aren’t sure but I’m also going to show you some
tips and tricks here just the same there are a few different possible scenarios
as to why your iPad isn’t charging but not to worry because I’ll have to get
things back to normal in no time first make sure your charging cable and
wall adapter are working properly you can test them with other Apple devices
and then try to isolate whether it’s the cord itself or the wall plug I linked my
favorite cable and wall adapter down below if it’s time for a replacement
which happens to the best of us now that we’re sure your cable and wall adapter
are working we can start looking at your iPad itself plug your lightning cable or
USB C cable into the charging port and check to see that the cables that’s
completely flush with the iPad if it does sit flush and is it powering on hop
over to my other video that I linked down below on how to fix an iPad that
won’t turn on if it doesn’t sit flush sit tight it’s like if there’s a
blockage in your charging port blockages like these are fairly common and are
usually just like lint or dust to clean the port out grab a non-static brush or
a toothbrush if you’re desperate and gently brush the debris out of the port
if you have a can of compressed air use that to blow loose any debris and try
plugging your cable in again to see if it fixes the issue this next step can
void your warranty so proceed at your own risk if all else fails take the end
of a paper clip and while completely avoiding the prongs on the bottom gently
loosen the debris was staying strictly on the side of the port that’s closest
to the screen otherwise you’ll damage the gold prongs if your iPad has USB-C do
not attempt to clean out the debris apart from using the static safe brush
and the compressed air and then contact Apple for a free cleaning at their local
authorized service center brush and blow out the debris again as needed and then
check to see if the lightning cable sits flush let me know in the comments down
below if this worked or not I love chatting with you guys and seeing
this video helped you

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