100 thoughts on “How to get CINEMATIC FOOTAGE on an IPHONE

  1. What type of filmmaking videos do you want to see more of?

  2. so much inspire. i do always watch all your videos..

  3. I’m new at this with an iPhone XS Max. Getting a gimbal. Good points but a little hard to follow with the loud background music. Had to go back often and listen again to parts. Thank you

  4. Great, great vid on how to cinematic footage. Maybe a bit more "how to" vids? For us true beginners!! Thank you!!!

  5. Plot twist: the while time u were filming, You were using a phone

  6. Jeeeeezzzzz like….. such a perspective shift!

  7. Great video but I can't hear the audio for the soundtrack

  8. Great and helpful tips. Thanks ?

  9. That was awesome! Thanks for the tips and ideas

  10. That was awesome! Thanks for the tips and ideas

  11. Great tips for a short amount of time. Ways to use the google pixel 3a xl? Budget friendly tips for mobile phones, If I have to break the bank might as well buy a $$$ DSLR

  12. These tips are super useful. Thank you!

  13. Now we know how Steven Soderbergh was inspired.

  14. A lot of dramatic angles are inspired by comic books, often a go-to source for inspiration.

  15. WOW…. One of THE best videos I've watched.  So much passion in your work and it shows.  LOVED the concepts and ideas – learned SO much more from your video (compared to so many of the "look how awesome my equipment and setup is" type videos..  Even your music (which was subtle, but so effective – really wasn't aware it was there until I sat back and took a closer look).  Thank you Jeven!!!

  16. Excellent video

  17. thank you

  18. Wow, thanks for such a useful video!

  19. thumbnail bait

  20. Finger snaps are worse than standard iPhone videos

  21. thanks dude, motivating and informative.. sometimes its just a little push to get out and take great shots

  22. I have OSMO MOBILE and when i want to calibrate it it writes ''restart osmo'' or something like this… It fails on end. What do do? Did i just broke it?

  23. Your music is a bit much.

  24. Very helpful, thanks! I have a gimball, iPhone 6s and now trying to decide on which mobile app to purchase. Thanks for the film-making tips!

  25. Yeaa that makes sense!


  27. sir can you suggest something for outdoor wireless microphones with background noise cancellation

  28. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips i have learn so much on this

  29. Good tips on how to position cam but the motion in the movement of the camera seems like it’s on a slider not handheld! Tripods and other stabilisers May have been used but don’t quote me

  30. Waw! Thanks for the good tips ??. It was really helpful and I will definitely try it ?

  31. ??????

  32. I do remote control car videos, I try and do several camera angles from the perspective of someone the size and height of the car. Also with “drone” tracking. Can you tell me what you think ? ?

  33. "I came up with a very basic scene"


  34. Yes I am doing puppet shows

  35. a lot of clipping in his graded footage :/

  36. Do you have to fit your smartphone dead central in the
    gimbal before using it ?

    My phone (Nokia 7+) has the on/off button almost exactly
    half way down the side, meaning the gimbal clamp would interfere with it.  Is there any solution to this problem ?

    Now I know why iPhones are so popular with vloggers.

  37. very helpfull, thank you buddy.

  38. #2 excellent footage.

  39. Just starting out with this stuff and your channel is brilliant. Thank you!

  40. great video. guys please check my youtube channel

  41. I like the first shot

  42. Awesome ✨

  43. What really drives me nuts is people filming with their phone held upright. 9 x 16 instead of 16 x 9. It looks awful. Obviously this is going way beyond that – it's Cinematic style. There are some cimematic things you just cannot readily achieve with this technology, but it is certainly possible to improve on the quality and I applaud you for doing this. BobUK.

  44. informative video, thanks! just subsribed

  45. Filmic pro seems not to be free, any other free app for that purpose?

  46. ….

  47. The music is sooo distracting that I can barely concentrate on what is being said. Im going to watch the whole video because I want to hear the information but i almost clicked off twice and I’m 1:45 in. Just letting you know lol

  48. do you have any iphone8plus tutorials for the osmo mobile 2? Great clip!

  49. Thanks a lot for this video. I learned a lot.

  50. I completely agree w/ all your tips. You mentioned issues that most people don't even understand. And I'm glad you did, because it only emphasizes that to look professional, a business person should hire a video professional like you. Or they could hire me, wink wink.

    I think more videos like this one are needed. This is a quality video. You obviously thought about how to shoot a good video, how to make it look and sound good. I like that simple lighting in the bkgd. (Yet another factor people don't consider.)

    The only things I'd add are 1) lighting/exposure issues while shooting; and, 2) the fact that LUTs shouldn't be the end-all to make videos look good. LUTs are nice, I've used them and still use them on occasion, but it's often so much better if you know how to manually color grade.

  51. This video is really cool. Thanks. Subbed!

  52. Great tips! Really learned from it!

  53. Both the gimbal and lens SAIDS SOLD OUT and re-directs
    Help what ones are they . Your in Santa Monica I’m in the inland empire
    You are awesome ??
    Speaking at a medical conference so I wanted to order and bring them to Vegas
    Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist
    Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath (HGBDATA)

  54. People help me too i really needs those gimbals

  55. Thanks you. I very like your video. Cần you let me know music on video.. please.

  56. this video would have been better without the background music. It's off putting..

  57. What a difference! GREAT common sense advice. Using these techniques is what makes filmmaking exciting and creative! Thank you!

    By the way: Ignore the negative comments from the self-appointed critics. Believe me, I'm as observant and picky as they come. I didn't notice anything distracting about your music, verbage or anything else. Keep up the good work…your numbers speak volumes!

  58. Brilliant tips! Thanks

  59. interesting

  60. Dude, thanks for the enlightenment! I feel like upgraded! ?

  61. Thanks so much your tips are good, clear and make a difference.

  62. Got me to subscribe ?

  63. Love your B rolls, and the way you establish each shot. First shooting with a wide or an extreme close up shot, You know your stuff. Did you go to film school? Establishing a shot, is the most important aspect of any production and you did it well.

  64. And thats how you achieved CINEMATIC look

  65. Here's my tip for you: How about turning the music off while talking to me?

  66. Some great advice but what do do really mean by ‘cinematic’ apart from ‘like in the cinema’?

  67. awesome vid, I really learned a lot!

  68. This is my camera lense subscribe you will enjoy

  69. Thank you for the tips. And the music didn't bother me.

  70. more phone videography please even a small details about phone film making. Thank you!

  71. That is the screwiest definition of depth-of-field I ever heard…

  72. If I use an external lens, does I need to remove the case or can I leave it on? Haven't tried them yet. keep looking but I havent pulled the trigger yet

  73. Very informative!!! ?

  74. Hey great video I just would like to ask can you create YouTube videos with the GoPro Hero 7 if so could you show us how that is done I think that would be great for us beginners thank you God bless

  75. Awsome i jst started thinking like a film maker

  76. Horrible choice of background music. I couldn’t finish watching the video it was so annoying.

  77. What do you think about the iPhone 11 pro? I just got a Sony a6400 and am curious if there is much of a difference between it and my iPhone 11 pro? I do sit down vlog chats

  78. As we come to an end in 2019 and vertical video is the new trend. Questions: Can you make cinematic videos in a vertical format? How would you frame it and what is needed to tell a good story?

  79. I could really do without the gawd damn fucking noise

  80. I was searching for ways to film my comedy sketches, I came across your video I just subscribe I definitively want to learn more about angles. Message back. Thank you

  81. Nice tutorial. I think the shaky skateboard shot in the cinematic was a bad choice; would have been a lot better smooth to reveal the idea of "rolling" instead of shaking. Also, I didn't see how the punching out a phone number fit the scene; didn't fit the acton. Rule: If it doesn't seem like it follows the flow, it doesn't.

  82. Thank you, really helped! I’m going to do one of my spitfire 🙂

  83. Great tips Jeven thanks

  84. Thank you for always share tips and knowledge to me!!! I’m really really beginner for filming and editing of make video with zero experience! ????huge thanks to you from me personally

  85. nice video dude. it's all about art and SEEING THINGS and showing people how to SEE THINGS

  86. I just subscribed to your channel Hommie 🙂

  87. is there any way i can mix videos from two phone on a live-stream?

  88. Thank you from North Pole, Alaska

  89. Thanks for putting in the effort on your tips and how to videos, as a new youtuber Ive found them very useful. I just bought my first gimbal (osmo 3 mobile) to use with my first ever Iphone. Up until now ive refused to film with a phone unless in a complete pinch. I filmed my first vlog with with that combo on the weekend and it was a huge help especially with active track. Ive been using your luts grade some of my videos, it will be interesting to see how gradable the Iphone is,Ill have to check out filmic pro, thanks again!

  90. the first set is more cinematic, he he he am kidding, just the camera movement and steady. Because the dynamic range and deep field of the phone never can be as cameras of 13 stops.. Good job any way Jeven. Cheers

  91. This reminds me of the gardening videos where it’s time to cover up what they just planted, then (off camera) they put the camera in the hole and then (on camera) start putting dirt in it.

  92. Thank you! I am a new YouTuber and this is very helpful to me.

  93. Thanks bro big tips for the new cinematic features.

  94. Thank you very much Dovey: my friend introduce your wonderful channel to me!

  95. Why can't you just put "Cell phone"? So you don't like the half of us with Android? My Note 9 is awesome, thanks. ?

  96. iphone boy

  97. @Jeven can you suggest lenses for iPhone 11 (not pro or max) please

  98. That's a longboard. Not a skateboard lol

  99. Great tips. I live near the sea and wind noise is very problematic. Any recommendations on iPhone mikes with deadcat that is not too cumbersome?

  100. Great information. Thank you!

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