How to get your iPad out of Split View in Safari

How to get your iPad out of Split View in Safari

A lot of the people I help out with iPads
have recently been asking me the same question: why does my iPad suddenly have a split in
the screen, showing 2 web pages? Well don’t panic, because I’ve got the
solution. In this video, I’ll show you how to get
your iPad back to normal again. Then, I’ll show you how you got it into Split View in
the first place. To get your iPad back to normal – look for
the button that looks like 2 squares. It’s in the lower right corner. Touch and hold
this button, and you’ll see a menu appear. Press “Merge All Tabs”, and you’re back
to one big web page. Now, how did this happen? Well, Split View is actually a feature, not
a bug. Apple thought it would be a nice idea to be able to have 2 websites open at once.
Maybe you can’t decide where you want to eat tonight, or maybe you want to keep your
search results open on the left, while you read each website on the right. You can start Split View in three ways, so
any one of these could have got you into this situation: One, when you see a link on a web page, press
and hold it and a menu appears. Select “Open in Split View”, and the Page will appear
on the right hand side. Two, you can press and hold the button that
looks like 2 squares. When the menu appears, press Open Split View. You can then open any
web page. Three, if you are browsing Safari with several
tabs open, you can hold one of these tabs and drag it to the right of the screen. The
tab opens in Split View. And again, if you want to close split view,
just hold this button and select “Merge All Tabs”. Hopefully this video has solved your problem,
and you now understand how you got into Split View. Please let me know in the comments below
how you got on. If you’d like to see more videos like this
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