How to hard reset Nokia 3.1 plus

How to hard reset Nokia 3.1 plus

This time Nokia 3.1 plus I personally like
this device and in this video I am going to show you how you can hard reset it so guys
your are watching Idroid Gadgets let’s get started firstly power off your device and
connect it with data cable and power it from your PC or laptop and wait until you see the
charging battery logo appears now go to recovery mode by holding the volume up button and power
button at the same time keep holding until you see the Android one splash screen
now leave both buttons and wait until you see the dead Android so here is the dead Android to access recovery
options press volume up button and power button normally the options comes with in the 1 to
4 attempts so the options comes after the 2nd attempt and
here you can see the recovery options you can go down using the volume down button and
go up using the volume up button and to enter in any menu you can use the power button and
from here you can reboot to the bootloader as well to reset your device go to wipe data
factory reset and press the power button now go to yes and your device will be reset
now reboot your system and your device will take around 5 to 10 minutes
to boot so guys keep watching so here is the setup wizard let me complete it
first now your device look like it is out box the
box right now so guys thanks for watching like this video and subscribe my channel for
more cool videos like this

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