Hello guys. This is Dong Hai STUDIO. Today I will show you how to jailbreak iOS
11.3 that Apple’ve just released 3 days ago. As you can see, my iPhone SE is running iOS 11.3 so the same guide can be applied for every iPhone running from iOS 11.2.5 to the iOS 11.3. Now we shall begin! In the description below, download the Yalong
Jailbreak and Cydia Impactor to your computer. Then, after having it downloaded to your computer,
launch the Cydia Impactor and drag the IPA file of the Yalong Jailbreak into the Cydia
Impactor window and enter the login details for your Apple ID and wait for the program
to load the software into your iPhone. Please remember to connect your iPhone to
your computer and do not interrupt the connection during the installation process. After the installation, there will be a Yalong
Jailbreak icon in your home screen. Open it and tap the “Chinese character” button
to install Cydia in your iPhone. After a soft reboot, your iPhone will have
Cydia installed. Now you sound shall unlock your phone and
launch Cydia for the first time. Please remember that this is a semi-untethered
method so every time you restart the device, you have to open the Yalong Jailbreak app
and install Cydia again. Voila! Now you have Cydia installed on your iPhone. So that is how to jailbreak your iOS 11.3
devices and install Cydia! If you have any question, please comment below. Thanks for watching and please remember to
subscribe to get more videos. Thank you!

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