How to Make YouTube Thumbnails on iPhone & iPad!

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails on iPhone & iPad!

– In this video, I’m gonna show you exactly how to make a YouTube thumbnail on your iPhone or you iPad step-by-step, using the best iPhone
thumbnail app right now. (upbeat music) – Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help entrepreneurs
and business owners amplify their business
and brand with video. If you’re new here, then make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything that we mention in this video, you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Now iPhones are an awesome
mobile video creation device, and with the right apps,
you can easily create your YouTube thumbnails on your iPad or on your iPhone as well. Meaning now, you can shoot, you can edit, you can upload and release
your YouTube videos all without leaving your iOS device, which is pretty amazing. So right now, we’re gonna show you exactly how to do it on your iOS device and we’re also gonna show you the best app to get it
done quick and easy. And once we’re done, I’m gonna hook you up with our free step-by-step guide that you can download to level
up your iPhone video game next time you’re shooting as well. But enough of that. Let’s jump into the good stuff. So first off, the apps. Now, I’ve tested an absolute ton of them, everything from Adobe Spark to Canva, which is a really popular option, to Phonto, to Thumbnail Maker. There’s a heap of them out there. But our top pick, right
now, goes to Phonto. And that’s not to say that
you can’t get great results with any of the other apps we’ve mentioned or really any of the other apps that are available out there. This was our pick based on ease of use, based on features, and the results that you can get in this app. And before we jump into a walkthrough showing you how easy Phonto is to use and how you can use it to create your thumbnail
images, one quick tip. If you’re gonna create a thumbnail image that has a photo of you in it, and I would highly recommend
that you plan that photo. So at the end of filming your videos or even before, it doesn’t matter, just strike a few poses. Smile, point at stuff, do
whatever you need to do, but plan it out so that
you’re not trying to through and scrub through your finished video trying to find that perfect frame grab where it looks like you’re smiling or not in the middle of talking. Trust me. This is an absolute game changer, and it’s so simple. So at the end of filming, I’ll sit there and I’ll point at stuff and I’ll hold my hands in different ways. Feel like an idiot doing it, but trust me, it is way easier to create your thumbnails once you’ve got a few options instead of trying to
find it in your video. Okay, so here we are in Phonto. Now you can see that we’ve
got an ad running at the top. This is the free version
or the ad version. If you do wanna pay to remove that, you can come down to the bottom left to these three lines, the settings button. Choose settings. Scroll down to ad-free version. And you can pay the $2.99 to remove that. So we back out of this. For this time, we use the free one. So the first thing you wanna do is just to tap and drag out
an area on the screen here. And then go down to plain image. And you get to pick some of
these different templates and things that you’ve got here. I would suggest that you
start with a white canvas, so pick the one on the
top right hand corner. And you can see in the
top, we’ve got 2048 x 2048. If we tap on that, then
this is where we can type in our custom image size so it’s the correct size
for a YouTube thumbnail. Come over to custom. And in here, you wanna
type in 1920 x 1080, and then press done. So once you’ve got that in there, you just have to press in
the top right hand corner the share button and choose use and save. Okay, so now we have our
canvas here or our image area, then we can start to
make you do a thumbnail. So the first thing we wanna do is add in our background image. So again, we’ll click on the three buttons in the bottom left hand corner and choose add image and pick
our thumbnail image here. Now you can actually customize this up and put it into circles and
different shapes and things down in the bottom here. Alright, we’ll go back to stock standard as we don’t wanna do any
cropping or anything here yet. So I’ll press done. So this is our background image there. If we tap on it, we can move it around. If we want to make it bigger, we can tap on it and choose size. And we can drag that
slider up to make it bigger and reposition that around so
it fits on our canvas there. Okay, so now that that’s
in, we can add in some text. So if you tap anywhere on the screen, we get add text so we hit on that and we can start typing
in our video titles. So once you have that typed in, you can also change your fonts down the bottom here, by pressing font. And we can go through and pick our font. Our font is actually Oswald Bold but you can see there’s a
heap of other ones in here. So we’ll leave it as Oswald. You can also add in
symbols and things as well. And emojis. All sorts of stuff. Hit close for that one. We’ll hit done here. And we can drag that onto our thumbnail. How to edit. Now under style, we can
also add in a background. So if we come over to background, you can either pick one of
the pre-selected colors here. You can create your own color
by using the sliders here or if you come up to
this Settings button here on the color panel then you
can key in your hex code or your RGB numbers. 255, 255, 255, et cetera. So we’ll cancel out of that. We’ll just pick something close
to our Primal Video colors. Probably something like
this one and press done. The next thing we usually
do is just to tilt this a little bit or rotate it a little bit so we hit on tilt. And we can adjust the rotation using the plus and minus button on here. How to edit. You’ve also got more options if you slide across here on the bottom. Then you’ve got some
other options in here too. So that’s looking pretty good. We’ll just tap off that. So we’ll finish off our text
by creating another text box. We’ll just tap on the
bottom of the screen here and add text. And again, you can check your font. You can actually save presets in here too so if there’s text that
you’re going to use the same, maybe Primal Video or whatever
your YouTube channel name is, if you want that on each
one of your thumbnails you can save them in there as presets. And we’ll choose done. Which is here, videos faster. We’ll style that up by hitting style. We’ll come across to background and for this one we’ll choose a dark gray. And press done. Once again, we will
rotate this a little bit. And probably move it up a bit. Now you can also add in other shapes and graphic elements in here as well. So if we come down here to
those three lines again, let’s choose add item. And you see we’ve got a heap
of different shapes and things. Let’s pick the square. Let’s scale this up. So we’ll tap on that, choose size. Let’s make it huge. Let’s tap off that, tap on it again. Let’s choose tilt. We can rotate it a little bit. Maybe something like that. You can position it over here. We can tap on it again and change color. Now in color you also get alpha, which is the transparency. So we can lower that down. So you can start to see
what’s going on behind it. Before we do that, maybe
we’ll make it white first and then drop that a
little bit and hit done. You can see that semi-transparent. You can still see what’s
going on behind it. Let’s move it over to the side a bit here. Just to break up that
edge of the thumbnail and now we can also add
in things like logos or anything else that’s going to help you with your thumbnail,
help your viewers know what’s in your video. So as we’re talking about video editing and editing faster, we
might add in something like the Adobe Premiere logo. So we’d hit those three lines again. Add image. And we can bring in
the Adobe Premiere logo by selecting that. Now press done, top right hand corner. That’s in there as well. So we can again, move that around. We can tap on that, we
can adjust the size. Make it a bit smaller and
we can reposition that and move it around anywhere we’d like. Now really this is a creative process, you could do whatever you’d like here to make this thumbnail match your brand but I strongly advise to make
your thumbnails consistent across all of your videos. So we can just play
around with these things until we get them exactly
how you like them. So maybe you like this. So it’s not transparent. How to edit faster, we can maybe move the Adobe Premiere logo
around a little bit. Maybe make it a little bit smaller. So you can see with just
some really minor tweaks, you can see that we can totally change how this thumbnail image looks. Once you’re done, all you
need to do is save this out. So press the Save button in
the bottom right-hand corner. And choose save image. Now your thumbnail image is
saved into your photo gallery where you can upload it
on to your YouTube videos. Okay, so now that you’ve got
your awesome looking thumbnail, let’s make sure that you’re
getting the best results out of that iPhone camera
next time you’re filming. Linked on screen now is a video running through our top tips
for filming with an iPhone and a link to a free download PDF guide that you can use while you’re filming to help you get amazing
results with your iPhone. So you can grab a copy and
follow along with the guide next time you’re shooting. And I’ll see you next time.

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