How to Present a Remote Whiteboard Lecture with Zoom, an iPad, and a digital pencil tool

How to Present a Remote Whiteboard Lecture with Zoom, an iPad, and a digital pencil tool

Hi there. I am going to show you how to use Zoom and
an iPad with a Pencil or some other kind of writing device, uh, to create a digital lecture. Now I am in here in Zoom on my computer. That’s the first step. Just launch a Zoom meeting. I am alone but I want you to imagine doing
this with a group of students because it can be a great way to relay annotations and do
some kind of related demo on an iPad. I. know sometimes that’s really critical to
instruction, depending on the course you teach. So, now that I’m in Zoom I’m going to now
go over to my iPad. From my iPad I’m going to open the Zoom mobile
app. And tap on Join. And I’m going to enter the Meeting ID number
for the meeting that I have open on my computer. And click Join. Now i’m actually not gonna want to join on
audio so on this option here for the audio I’m just gonna select Cancel because my voice
is going to be recorded via the computer. Ok, so here I am on my iPad. The big picture that you’re seeing of me is
recording me from my webcam on my computer and then the little one is actually recording
me from my iPad which I know is a little confusing. I’m now going to tap on the screen and at
the top, select Share Content and choose Whiteboard. Now notice that I have my iPad turned horizontally
or widescreen. You don’t want it like this because then it’s
going to record um on your screen with black bars on either side. Now if you could see me you would know that
you could, I am actually looking at my iPad, which is in my hand, but in front of me on
the computer, is actually my iPad screen. So everything that I write on my iPad is gonna
appear on my computer screen. So let’s go back over there and I’m going
to show you what that looks like. So now you are viewing the same Zoom meeting
on my computer and you can see that I am logged in here on my computer and it’s recording
the audio from my computer and my webcam so you can see me. This over here is me on my iPad. I’ve disabled my microphone and I’ve disabled
my webcam so it is showing my image. Alright? And now I am simply going to go ahead and,
um, start writing on my iPad. So, of course, you can simply use the pencil
function and, if you’d like, grab a different color and make some annotations. Um, it’s pretty simple and straight forward. And, it records right here on your screen. So to do this, you, of course, need an iPad
that supports an iPencil, um, and it doesn’t have to be an Apple Pencil there are other
options. Logitech makes one called a Crayon, which,
was recommend to me by Sarah Williams who is a Math instructor at Foothill College and
it’s much more affordable. So those are the things you need in addition
to Zoom to make this kind of digital lecture happen. And I forgot one really important thing. If I had remembered, I could have selected
record and recorded this whole thing to the cloud. And then I’d have a nice archive of my digital
lecture that I could share with future students. Hope that’s helpful.

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