How to purchase Kindle books on the iPad

How to purchase Kindle books on the iPad

This question comes from one of my customers:
I can read my Kindle books on the Kindle iPad app. But when I look for new books to read,
I can only download samples. Is it possible to buy Kindle books on the iPad?
Well stay watching and I’ll show you that even though you can’t buy Kindle books directly
from the Ipad app, you can still buy them on the iPad.
The Kindle app for iPad l lets you read the books you already own. It also has a Discover
feature, where you can find new books and download a Sample, which lets you read the
first couple of chapters for free. But whereas many iPad apps let you pay for
content, the Kindle app doesn’t. Why is this?
It comes down to Apple’s policy on in-app purchases. When an app sells content that’s
designed to be consumed on the device, like books, games and videos, Apple take a 30%
cut of any sales, to cover their expenses. And I guess Amazon, who own the Kindle app,
weren’t happy handing over 30% of their own book sales, so they don’t sell books
within the app. But don’t worry. There is still a way to
buy Kindle books on the iPad. Open the Safari web browser, and visit the
Amazon website. You can browse for books by going to Shop
By Department, and then following the links to Kindle Books.
Or, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can search for the book by title.
When you find the title you want, make sure you’re looking at the Kindle version and
not Paperback or Hardback, and if you like the price, head over to Buy Now.
You’ll need to sign in if you aren’t already. Once you’ve purchased the book, go back
into the Kindle app and make sure you’re looking at all your books (not just downloaded).
Hopefully, you should find the book you just bought, ready to download and read.
Before you dive into your new book, please let me know in the comments below if this
worked for you. And also click Like on this video, and hit
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Thanks for watching!

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