How to Reduce Your Screen Time with Built-In Tools in iOS and Android | Quick Fix

How to Reduce Your Screen Time with Built-In Tools in iOS and Android | Quick Fix

– Welcome to Quick Fix, the
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in 90 seconds or less. Today, we’re putting our phones down, and not picking them back up. Yep, not gonna pick it back up. (upbeat music) Here’s a number, 24. That’s how many hours are in a day. You already know this. Here’s another number, 11. That’s how many hours per day adults spend in front of screens, according to Nielsen. That’s insane, but there are some ways to
reduce your phone screen time and they’re already built into your iPhone or Android phone. How to reduce your TV
screen time is on you, I can’t help you there. I have an iPhone, so I’m
gonna show you how to use these tools in iOS, but
the same features are also on Android devices and they
basically do the same thing. So, on iPhone, navigate to
the aptly named Screen Time section in your settings. On Android, this section is
called Digital Wellbeing. These tools should already
exist on your phone as long as you’ve updated to iOS 12 or Android 9.0, respectively. From here, you’ll get a
breakdown of your screen time, which apps you use most, how many times you pick up your phone, and where you get the
most notifications from. All of this is useful
information that can help you come up with a plan of attack. I recommend using two features,
app limits and downtime. App limits allow you
to select certain apps, say Twitter, Instagram,
Reddit, and limit how long you’re allowed to use them
before they’re locked down. Downtime lets you set
certain times in the day where all your apps on
your phone are locked. For example, mine is set for bedtime, so I’m not tempted to stay up late mindlessly scrolling through Reddit. Of course, you can
easily bypass these locks if you absolutely need to get in and out, but let’s be real, when
do you ever actually need to check Twitter? So, here’s one last number, 90. That’s how many seconds I
promised this video would be and boy, did I break that promise. Sorry. Hey, thanks for watching this video. If you have a tech question
you want me to try and tackle in 90-ish seconds, leave a comment below or email me, and as always, subscribe to Lifehacker on YouTube.

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